How You can contact HIV through Oral Sex

Possibility of getting HIV through oral sex

Some people ask this question, can someone get HIV through oral sex? The answer is simple and it is Yes and No

Yes because HIV can only be transmitted through bloodstream, that is through the contact of blood , fluid even menstrual fluid and breast fluid. Since oral sex is the safest and the easiest part of having sex but when getting in contact with an infected person you have to be very careful the only way to get HIV through oral sex is when there is a tear or cut on your mouth or any damaged tissue, you may not know that you have cut or tear where fluid like virginal fluid or semen an easily mixed together and flow. Only that way it is possible to contact HIV through oral sex.

No because when you don’t have any cut nor tear no even any damage tissue, you can never get HIV, you an even swallow the semen immediately even if your partner is infected, one it reaches the stomach the aid and the germ attackers will surely kill the HIV in it and it will not affect you

To avoid cut or tears in your mouth, always be very careful when brushing your teeth, cutting or hewing hard food even meat, or even opening can or bottle of mineral with your teeth as opener which is commonly used by many people. You may unknowingly hurt yourself in the process and to be safe on that; you have to give yourself sometime so that the wound will go back to normal before you start enjoying your oral sex.

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Sex is good only when you do it in the appropriate way but bitter when you misuse it.  So you can see how possible you can contact HIV through oral sex. 





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