This has been an enormous question that men has always wanted a straight forward answer. Well, don’t worry because I understand that you don’t want your wife to have issues or quarrel with you over this. So to avoid all this, I have this answer for you so that you will know how to tell the food is salty or that the food she cooks is not good. “How will you tell your spouse that the food is salty?”

How to tell her the food is not sweet, or the food is salty.

Now let say you came back from work and your wife serve you with a meal and you are pleased to see it, and out of happiness you taste the food only to find out that the food is salty or that the food is not sweet.

Don’t quickly rush to tell her that because doing so may hurt her or make her misunderstand you or even got her angry.

So just take a deep breath and eat it small if you can and then try to call her that sweet name you always call her and praise her on the food and appreciate the fact that she cooked it and then tell her.

Let say it this, for example. Sweetheart, My Love, I hope you know you are beautiful, thanks so much for this delicious meal although I was not able to enjoy it thoroughly. And she will then ask why and you will then tell her because the food is little salty or I don’t know it doesn’t taste that sweet to me.

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Telling her this way will make her happy, and there will be peace between you too.

Its time we get answers from you, drop a comment below and let us know your way of telling her. Ladies can read comments also and learn from what the men will say.

“How will you tell your spouse that the food is salty?”