How to test if a girl likes you

How to test if a girl likes you
How to test if a girl likes you

Are you disturbed about that girl? Do you want to be sure about her love towards you? Just relax for I got you covered on what to do and you will know if she truly loves you and care for you. So don’t be disturbed again and read carefully to understand my point well and you will see the ways a man can test a woman’s love. “How to test if a girl likes you”


How to test if a girl likes you


  1. Pretend to be sick.

It’s simple, you can try to pretend as if you are sick, when I mean sick, I mean in a bad way, try to even vomit if you can and see how she cares. If she is very worried and treats you as if you are all she has, then there is no doubt again about her love. But if she behaves in I don’t care way or distancing from you, and even give excuses during that time, she does not love you.


  1. Pretend to be broke.

If you are worried that the reason why she sticks around you, it’s because you are rich and have something to offer to her. Then all you just need to do is to look for stories and formulate, in a way that you are broke and have nothing again. If during those period, she still sticks to you and stands strong then know that she truly loves you. But if she runs away and stop calling then she doesn’t love you.

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“How to test if a girl likes you”

  1. Break up with her.

Yes break up with her or tell her you need a break and see if she will still come back to you. If during those times, she does not call or come, my brother she does not love you. Any girl who loves you will be afraid of losing you and will try her best to come back and will even beg you without knowing your reasons. Don’t be afraid to try this out besides if she does not come back, there are other girls out there, it’s good to stay with the one that cares and cherish you.


  1. Pick up quarrel with her.

Yes you can pick up a quarrel with her and see her reactions and characters. With the way she reacts to you, will tell you if she loves you. If after the quarrel she still comes back to you for forgiveness although you are the one who caused it. My brother she really loves you so much.


  1. Ask your friends.

Friends are the ones that can easily tell you about any girl. If your friends like her and say good about her then know that she is good. They are the ones that watch her characters towards you more than you do. Make sure you don’t just ask only one of your friends, try and ask all of them and know their different opinions.

“How to test if a girl likes you”

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