How to tell your boyfriend you love him

How to tell your boyfriend you love him
How to tell your boyfriend you love him

Being in love is so exciting and it a very nice thing. If you are in love but a bit confused on how to tell him you love him, relax for we will be writing on every tricks on how to show him or tell him you love him. So be positive and understand as you read this today. “How to tell your boyfriend you love him”

How to tell your boyfriend you love him


1. Be sure that you truly love him

First of all, you have to be convinced that you truly love him. Check yourself very so as to be sure on what you feel for him.
To know if you truly love him and not just a mere infatuation, here are the things to consider.

a. Check to know if you are always happy whenever you see him, or whenever you two are close. Being happy in a relationship is one of the strong hold of a relationship.

b. Check to see if your heart beats for him each time he comes closer to you. Because your heart will only beat for the one you love.

c. Check if you always put him in your plans for the future. Knowing where he belongs in your heart, it shows that your heart accepts him and that you can cope with him in the future without any issue.

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d. Check to know if you can endure every of his short comings incase of tomorrow. You can not just love any guy that you are unable to know very well. At least you should know what he is capable of and his weaknesses, so that you can be ready to tackle and balance them. But if you cannot handle it, that means that you don’t love him.

If all of these are confirmed by you and you are sure it is positive, that shows that you truly love him. Then you can now go for the second step. “How to tell your boyfriend you love him”

2. Try to know if he loves you too

In a relationship, it is not good to be a one sided love. Both of you supposed to love each other for a better life. So before you could tell him you love him, first know if he loves you too. If he can accept your love for him so that you will not force yourself on him. Or feel hurt if he turns you down.
So you have to take time to know if he loves you too and you can achieve that through.

a. His character towards you.

b. Know whether he is happy seeing you around him.

c. Know if he cares for you at all.

“How to tell your boyfriend you love him”

3. Make use of body language

This involves almost everything you need to do as a woman to let your feelings known to him at least. You can make use of all your qualities and not that You will be having sex with him. NO, there are ways you can make use of your body language without having sex with him.

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a. Be supportive

Support him in whatever he is doing, provided it is a concept that will make him somebody in the future. Give him your maximum support and advice incase if there’s anywhere he is going wrong in.

b. Be a caring woman

Care for him as much as you can. Do not be selfish. Know when he needs you the more positively and never you be too demanding. Make him feel at home whenever you are around with him.

c. Be truthful

Do not lie to him, no matter what. Make him believed that you are to be trusted. Do not be the type that will be jumping from one man to the other and when he will ask you, you will be lying. Saying all sort of things just to defend yourself, if he happens to know the truth tomorrow, he will automatically be angry with you for lying to him. Give him reasons to trust you.

d. Use your eye contact with a little smile

Try looking into his eyes with a little smile that will always send signals to him all the time, and doing that will always draw him closer to you and will be connecting his emotions to you. Shower him respect and affection but do not give him sex to prove that you love him please.

4. Know when to open up to him

Know the appropriate time and place to tell your feelings to him. Do not disclose your feelings when he is very busy or in a bad mood. I mean, if you are to be using your body language, do it when he is relaxed and in a mood to connect his senses. Not when he is occupied by other things. “How to tell your boyfriend you love him”

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5. Tell him you love him

It’s your boyfriend, tell him you love him, after you must have gone through the nice steps. Because some guys are too shy to ask their girl that, and they may be confused on whether you love them for real or not. But if you tell him you love him, he will match it with your character and be convinced that you do love him without any tricks.
Sometimes, he will be waiting for you to tell him that, and not be happy if you haven’t said that to him. But if you disclose it to him, he will love you the more, if he have that feelings for you as well

6. Wait for his response

Once you tell him that you love him, do not force your self on him, wait for his response. Know what he will say and what will be his reaction towards you. Don’t be too anxious to know his response. Take it one step at a time, so that you won’t appear so cheap in his eyes.
If possible, you should give him time to know what he truly want. And never put words into his mouth, so that you will know what he truly like and want from you. Of course he doesn’t love you back, you should quietly leave and bury your love or you reserve it for another lucky guy.

Note: A guy that loves you will not do anything that will hurt you. If he doesn’t love you back, do not fight for his love, control your feelings and love another guy. Love can never be forced rather, it can only be felt.

We believed that you are able to know how to tell your boyfriend that you love him. Feel free to drop your comments on the comments box if you have any.

“How to tell your boyfriend you love him”

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