How To Tell The Size Of A Guys Package

How To Tell The Size Of A Guys Package

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Looking for the way to check or test and see the size of a guy package then relax because I got you covered and will take time today to teach you how to tell the size of a guys package, so that you will be sure before deciding to move on with him.

How to tell if a guy has a small package

1: You Need To Measure His Fingers

It could be odd to gauge fingers’ size to penis size. However, this method was first discovered by researchers in Korea. One hundred forty-four individuals conducted the study over 20 years; participants were asked to get their flaccid peni measured, their peni stretched, and their forefinger and ring finger were taken into account.

Based on this, researchers could conclude that there’s a link between penis size and the proportion of the difference between the fingers of a man. The idea is that the lower the proportion between fingers, the greater the package of your man’s.

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Of course, to accomplish this, it is not just that you will require a math expert. However, you’ll also require to find a way of measuring the fingers of your loved one without him pondering the reason. This means that it’s easier to just go in and investigate yourself!

2: Hand and Foot Size is Important

If you’re searching for an easy method to gauge what size guy’s size, particularly when you don’t want to begin taking measurements of your fingertips, you should take a look at his feet and hands. You’ve probably been told this before, and people are told that if a person has hands or feet that are large is a sign that the man also has a huge penis.

However, you may not be aware that this observation has been supported by research studies that show penis length can be correlated with the man’s feet and hands. The study took place in 2002 and involved 104men who were given their penis length measured by English Urologists. The study also included measuring the length of the man’s foot.

If the sets of information were compared, it was discovered that there is a relationship between the size of the feet of men and the length of the guys’ pack. If you’re fascinated by the thought of what your man might be carrying around, just examine the dimensions of his feet.

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For large hands, however, there isn’t any evidence to support the idea of large hands indicating a larger penis size. However, plenty of evidence suggests finger length, such as the index and ring finger- can show penis length. It makes sense that bigger hands result in a larger overall size.

3: Look For The Length Of A Guy’s Index Finger

It is easy to determine the average size of a dick man by watching your index finger. You can ask him to create the “L” shape with the index finger and thumb. The length of these fingers that extend from the index finger down to the thumbs will give you an idea of how an erect peni will appear.

Naturally, like any length of fingers, regardless of whether it’s the ring fingers or the digit ratio, it’s impossible to accomplish it quickly or discreetly without explicitly asking the person to show you. Try to make it appear as if you’re trying to observe the differences in the size of his fingers compared to yours. Beware, this is a common occurrence; if you inquire, he might be able to tell exactly what you’re doing!

Do you think it’s similar to pulling teeth to get him to be in your company?

The trick to solving this problem is to understand men more emotionally. The primary reason that leads men to act this way is simple to alter with the right words. There are a few things you can communicate to him.

Try this easy test to determine how much he likes you!

How To Tell The Size Of A Guys Package

4: Look Out For The Way He Sits

A simple method to determine the size of your penis is to study how the man sits. If he is required to sit in a certain position is probably because he’s doing so to prevent him from getting squished and harming himself in any way.

If you happen to see men in a seated position, you must be sure to observe how they are sitting. If they have their legs spread wide or struggle to cross their legs correctly, this is thought to be a signal of security. But, it is due to the size of the flaccid penis. So when he’s comfortable sitting, he could become sexy if the time arrives.

You could also be a bit more mathematical in how men sit. If you see men sitting with their feet in contact and their knees a little further apart, it’s sad that you have to determine the distance between his knees and then divide it in two to determine the size of his bag.

It’s not a scientifically accurate method, especially if men know what you’re getting up to. They could easily extend to get an extra height between their knees. This means you could experience a shock about sexual activity in the bedroom, and it’s likely to be less penis size than you thought.

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5: The Digit Ratio Between Pinky And The Thumb

There is certainly a significant relationship between fingers, hands as well as the length of the penis. That’s why there are so many ways to estimate the average length of a penis using the hands of men. Another method is to measure the length of his thumb and the stretched pinky.

For this, ask your partner to wrap the other fingers and leave the thumb and pinky outstretched; it’ll look like a right-angled triangular shape. Measure diagonally from the pinky up to the tip of the thumb. This will give you a distance from the penis.

6: A Big Nose Can Indicate A Big Penis

For a long time, people believed that there was a connection between the size (or rather long) of their noses and how large their penis was. That’s why, through the centuries, women have been attracted to men with large Roman noses because they believe they have the best of both worlds and are capable of having many babies.

This is far from being scientifically proven, but it has been proven incorrect numerous times. Therefore, always consider the size of your nose with a small amount of salt.

It’s normal to be interested in the size of the penis of a man when you’re in a relationship with him. However, determining the length of his penis can be extremely difficult, even with ring fingers or feet measurement techniques – particularly in the case of men who don’t conform to the notions.

The only guaranteed method of knowing is to be close to it. Also, remember that size isn’t the only thing in the bedroom. What you do with it is more crucial!

Feel as if the only thing you think about is him, but he just thinks about yourself?

It doesn’t mean that the guy doesn’t love you. It’s important to know how he’s wired. When you do that, you’ll discover something you can tell him that can drastically alter how he expresses his feelings towards you.


How to tell if a guy has a big package

Approach With Caution

I’m compelled to say a nice word to men of all sizes.

To give a disclaimer, sort of.

It is important to relax with men as the size of the penis when there is a race for them can be an area of stress.

They understand that it’s crucial to us to a certain degree, and they’d like to meet their obligations.

If you decide to try these techniques, be sure not to catch him and start comparing him to yourself.

It’s a massive downer for the mood.

Now that we have this in mind let’s start to work.

How To Tell The Size Of A Guys Package

Observe Other Body Parts

Following Korean research, 144 males with index fingers shorter than rings tended to have larger penises.

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It may sound bizarre, however, but before you ignore the idea, think about this:

While they grow in the womb, fertile fetuses get exposed to testosterone, affecting finger and penis length.

Another approach you could try is measuring the leg length from the ankle to the hip.

It is also considered to be the most frequently utilized and efficient method.

What’s In His Walk?

Usually, males with larger resting penises are unable to walk on their own without a stroll.

They also appear and feel less smug (but not overly confident! ), which is evident in their walks.

If you aren’t sure, take a short stroll in the park, beach, or downtown.

Check-in on time and ensure you aren’t in trouble!

Be Wary: Appearance Isn’t Everything!

He’s sitting across you, and he is certainly an eye-sore.

Broad-shouldered and muscular, It’s evident that he is at the gym regularly.

Therefore, naturally, he’s to be richly endowed.


A man can increase the size of his muscles, but his penis will be the same size.

Additionally, athletes who take steroids are susceptible to losing their size and effectiveness.

I suggest keeping your excitement in check until you have seen some “before” images.

Steal A Casual Glance

During the relationship, Take a casual glance to the south once every once in a while.

Based on the kind of pants he is wearing and pants he is wearing, you’ll discern an outline or even a hint of where the tip of his penis lies.

The fabled grey sweatpants are more than men think.

You can go to the gym with him or to the beach because these are among the best date ideas that he could wear shorts or a bathing suit or something similar.

The second will be dead-on-the-spot with a 100% chance of success.

“Still Water Runs Deep” – Can I Say Pun Intended?

It’s true; even how you behave can indicate the dimension of the “number.”

Men with larger penises who understand how to use them are typically normal.

They don’t need to compensate for anything, and they don’t try to impress you by boasting and blowing up anecdotes.

He’s sure you’ll be amazed and pleased when the time arrives.

Get Frisky

Last but not least, grinding is the method of choice.

If you’ve tried all of the previous ones but can still not determine the glove size, they come off.

Literally, of course.

Get him dancing, get him a small amount of “worked too,” then grind him against your body as you dance or “accidentally” contact him with your hands.

A quick contact can suffice to give you an impression of the size and even the size.

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