How to talk to girls online

How to talk to girls online
How to talk to girls online

Are you the type that finds it hard to talk to girls online? Have you been looking for a place to learn how you can chat with a girl online? If your answer to this question is YES then relax for you are in the right place. I will direct you and teach how you can easily talk to any girl online without bothering yourself much. So without wasting much time here is how to talk to girls online. After reading this try to also read how to make friends online to understand how one can easily get online friends.


How to talk to girls online


  1. Know the platform you want to use.

The first thing you need to do now is to first make a decision on the social network that you will use. There are many platforms you can use like Facebook, Twitter, tinder, e.t.c. So you need to first decide on the platform for you to use.


  1. Set up your profile well.

You need to set up your profile in a more mature way and also set your interest and location. Do not make the mistake of putting anyhow pictures. Look for the best photo of you and put, remember that the first impression matters a lot.

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  1. Look for a girl on your friend list.

Now is time for you to go through your friend list and look for a girl to chat with. So make your selection, but I suggest you should choose a girl base on her photos and age. Don’t just decide using photos only but consider age too.


  1. Chat her up without using common words.

After making the decision the girl to chat with, it’s time to chat her up but make sure you don’t use words like Hello, Hi or any other common online chat lines but instead chat her up in a question like a way to be sure of reply, use words like, How are you doing? Hello dear, how is it going? And any other question to be sure of the response.


  1. Keep the conversation on.

Ask her questions about her area, her interests, and things going on where she is right now. Just try to maintain the conversation with happening things based on the things that interest her and not you. Make use of her profile to understand the areas to channel your conversation.

“How to talk to girls online”

  1. Ask her one question at a time.

Don’t make a mistake of asking her more and more questions at the same time, instead, be patient and ask your questions one at a time without rushing her to reply.


  1. Be funny.

During the conversation with her try to be funny at least, to make her happy or smile while chatting with you. So try as much as you can to be a bit funny.

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  1. Don’t rush for her contact.

Many make the mistake of rushing for a girl’s contact, but it’s not the best thing or best time for you to do that, because it will look like an insult to some girls and she may end up not even replying to your messages again. So to be on safer sides make sure to just continue your chat with her for few times before doing so.


  1. Interact with her posts.

Try to make her happy and thinking of you by interacting with her posts. You can like and comment on it, doing so will make your name to be ringing the bell on her mind. So try to interact with her posts and not just chatting her up.


  1. Ask to meet with her in her area.

You can ask her to meet with you but let it be around her area or a place she will be comfortable with and can easily accept, don’t make the mistake of asking her to meet with you in your area or to come over to your house, but let it be at a place she will be safe and comfortable staying with. But don’t also rush to ask about meeting with her but instead wait after a few days or times of chatting with her.


In all I want you to be patient and don’t be in a rush but instead think on way to first make her happy and very relaxed with and you will see that she will surely fall for you.

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Remember you can always ask your questions on our forum we will answer and direct you more. You can also drop your comments if you have more guides on this.

“How to talk to girls online”

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