How To Pass A Test Without Reading

Test is simply a way of knowing if one really understands what he/she has been taught. We all have lots to take care of so sometimes we don’t get to time to read our books making it difficult to pass impromptu tests. Don’t worry because today I’ll be giving you vital tips on how to pass a test without reading.

How To Pass A Test Without Reading

How To Pass A Test Without Reading


This is the key. Believe me you can’t succeed in anything if you do not have concentration on that particular thing. The concentration keeps your attention to it. Never loose concentration on what you are learning else you’ll gain nothing. So any time you are learning, drop every other thing you are doing and concentrate fully on what is been taught.

Fast Learning

Yeah that’s right, try as much as possible to be a fast learner. It will be of little or no help to learn one thing after multiple repetitions. Increase your learning pace so you’ll grab faster and retain it. This is one of the surest tips in learning how to pass a test without reading.

Talk Less

Always talk less, I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk at all but minimize it. Talk only when necessary and don’t be a blabbermouth. When you talk too much, you loose some things you’ve learned. It’s just the bitter truth.

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Associate With Those Who Know

Associating with those who have deep understanding is one of the best ways. If you want to know how to pass a test without reading then associate yourself with the genius. Do not stick to one particular gender. As far as the know more about what you are learning, associate with them. It’ll be of great benefits to you. You can’t soar like an eagle when you associate with chickens. It’s not possible!

Cut Off Useless Friends

Learn how to say no to a friendship that is of no benefit to you. Do not feel scared because you might be lonely, what if they keep bringing you down. Change your friends to those who are of great benefits to you and not parasites who eat you up.


Learning how to pass a test without reading is easy if you follow the right procedures and difficult if you lack the right tips. I assure you, if you follow the tips above, you’ll notice great changes.

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