How To Make Your Camping Trip All Pleasure, No Pain

How To Make Your Camping Trip All Pleasure, No Pain

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Unless you have a very chilled out family, there’s a good chance that announcing a camping trip will be met with mixed reactions. Although some of them will be raring to go, others may seem less-than-pleased. Getting it right this time means that you stand a better chance of their wholehearted approval next time around, so focus on the pleasures, and find ways to eliminate any pain points. Here are some tips to help you!

Choose a Comfy Rooftop Tent

Check out the best rooftop tents and invest in one. Setting up camp is easy when you use a rooftop tent – and there’s no chance that anyone will have to deal with sloping ground, or curious wildlife snuffling around the tent in the middle of the night. Plus, your rooftop tent will save you packing space that can be used for a few home comforts for those who don’t really want to rough it. 

Pack Smart

The best tip for smart packing is to plan it carefully instead of just doing it on the fly. Involve your family or travel mates, put your heads together, and list all the things you’d need for the trip and the various activities it may include. After brainstorming, spend some time looking for gaps. It’s all too easy to forget simple things like a bottle opener or matches. With your packing list under control, you can get down to the actual business of packing. 

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Study Up Your Destination

Knowing what to expect from your camping destination helps you to be ready to make yourself comfortable. For example, if there are plenty of shady trees, you won’t need a gazebo, but if it’s all blazing sun and low-growing vegetation, you’ll be glad to have one! Find out where the nearest shops are, what amenities you can expect, what the weather will be like, and decide which nearby attractions and activities you’ll enjoy. 

Do Some Meal Planning

Really good food will help even the most reluctant camper to view the trip in a more positive light. Doing most of your cooking outdoors doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to predictable fare. Plan in a few desserts and more unusual dishes and don’t forget to try making bread or griddle cakes – they’re amazing fresh off the coals. 

Find Ways Around Pet Hates

While you’re likely to have the foresight to stave off some of the most common camping complaints, try to find out why some members of your group aren’t as keen as you are. You might come across some things that wouldn’t bother you, or that you wouldn’t have thought of. And you could come up with solutions. For example, if using shared shower facilities is a pain point, a camping shower of your own can solve the problem. It all comes down to communication: one of the keys to good family relationships

Have a Foul Weather Alternative

If there’s one thing you can’t do anything about, it’s the weather – or can you? Spending days sheltering from wind and rain is likely to leave even the hardiest campers feeling jaded. Have an escape plan that means you don’t have to tough it out if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Knowing when to call it quits will help your nearest and dearest to view your penchant for camping in a more positive light. 

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While even the most luxurious holiday can have its awkward moments, working to show your family a good time and catering to their preferences as far as possible could soften their opinion on your preference for the outdoors and win you their support. Help them to have a good time, and camping could become a family favorite!


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