How to make your boyfriend happy

How to make your boyfriend happy
How to make your boyfriend happy
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Are you disturbed on what to do to him for him to be happy? Are you troubled on the things you can do to make him understand you care about him? No matter how it troubles you I will tell you today things you should be doing for him, so that you will not just make him happy but tie him tight in love with you. So let me go straight and let you know about those things that will make him happy with you. “How to make your boyfriend happy”


How to make your boyfriend happy


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  1. Give him attention

Listen to your man when he is talking to you. Give him your attention for you to know when he is not happy and when he needs you most for it makes men happy.


  1. Cook for your man

It is said that that one of the easiest way to a man’s heart is food. So I don’t need to remind you the importance of cooking for your man and try to go and learn how to cook if you don’t know how to do so. That’s if you don’t want to lose your man to another woman out there.

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  1. Understand him

It makes a man happy to be with a woman who understands and believe in him first, before rushing to conclusions. For it makes the man to always be free talking with such woman.


  1. Give him space

Don’t be known as that girl who is always there with his man without giving him space to have time to spend with other guys or hang out with his friends. Stop it if you are doing so it’s not advisable, men love to be free, and they don’t like to be as if they are trapped by a woman.


  1. Advice him

Try to know when he is troubled or when he has things troubling his mind, for you to advise him or reason together with him on the best decision to make. Doing so will always make him happy and have you on his mind always.

“How to make your boyfriend happy”

  1. Buy him gifts

Are you among those ladies out there who think that it’s only a man’s’ duty to buy gifts for a woman, know that you got it wrong because men love and appreciate gifts just as you ladies do. So buying gifts for him will make him to always have you in mind and think more about you each time he looks or touches the gift mistakenly.


  1. Love people around him

Loving people around him will also make him happy and love you more. It will even make his friends and family to always ask him about you. And the more they do that, the more they will also be talking good about you. And all these will make him to differentiate you from other girls and will make him to be happier and love you more.

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  1. Encourage him

If you see him doing things good try to encourage him and advice him to do it more. Praise him to make him happy and advise him on the things to do and just encourage him so that he will be much happier.


  1. Appreciate him

Try to always show your appreciation on the things that he does for you no matter how little it is, learn to appreciate him. The more you appreciate a man on what he is doing for you the more he will do things for you with happiness knowing that you will appreciate it.


  1. Respect him

This is very important to a man, not just even to a man. Okay think about it this way, will your man love you if you disrespect him? Will you stay with someone who doesn’t respect you? Ask yourself this question and answer it successful, so that you will understand how important it is to respect your men to avoid stories that touch the heart. Also when you go out with him respect people around, if disrespect the people you meet while his around he will be feeling very much embarrassed going with you or having you around him.

“How to make your boyfriend happy”

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