How To Make Smooth Stone

How To Make Smooth Stone

Smooth stone is a variety of stone blocks that has a smooth looking texture and has a lighter gray colour.

It can be obtained by smelting stone( that is, by melting and chemical reduction) or by furnace. Smooth stone is used to craft 

1) Smooth stone slab(a large, flat shaped piece of material).

2) A paving stone or  a  flagstone( A flat, rectangular piece of rock or stone used for paving or roofing).

3) A blast furnace(A forcible stream of air from an orifice, as from a bellows, the mouth, etc. Hence: the continuous blowing to which one charge of ore or metal is subjected in a furnace; as, to melt so many tons of iron at a blast).

These are various steps to follow while crafting them, and the materials needed to make it a success or bring out the best result.

How To Make Smooth Stone


The first material to get while planning or preparing to craft a smooth stone is a cobblestone. A cobblestone is a rounded stone from a river bed, fit for use as ballast in ships and for paving roads.

It is also used in the crafting of furnace and it is this stone that you are going to refine into a smooth stone. Now, you have gotten the cobblestone, let’s move to the next step to take.


       FUEL / COAL / TREES

This is another material to get when you want to make a smooth stone. You can use either fuel, coal or a cut down tree to keep your furnace running or burning.

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But it’s best you use coal, because sometimes, one can never know the quantity of fuel or cut down trees to use. So, it’s best if you get as plenty of coal as possible.

You can get the coals in the blocks that have black specks in them. Put plenty of coal in and around the stone areas.


          THE FURNACE

This is the most important device use in making a smooth stone. It is a device for heating the stone to make it smooth. When processing any materials that involves heating, furnace is the best device to use.

This was discovered and used some years ago and till today, it’s the best device for heating. Without the furnace, a stone remains just a stone. So, you have to build a furnace after you must have gotten the cobblestone and the coals.

You can build a furnace by using about eight to nine cobblestone blocks. Fill all the blocks round the crafting area, leaving only the center to craft the furnace.



Put the coals into the bottom slot of the furnace and then put the left over cobblestone at the top slot of the furnace. Then make sure that the flames are burning, as the flames are burning, it shows that the cobblestone is being turned into stone.



Now, we have arrived to the main point. Having taken and done the above process, you take this further by repeating the same process. Take the stone that you have created, put it back in the furnace, add coals and it will bring forth smooth stone.

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