How To Make Friends Online

How to make friends online

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How to make friends online is not something that you should stress yourself hard or something that should be troubling your mind because you will learn how to easily make friends.

Making friends online has so many ways by which you can achieve that. And those ways are what we will be writing on, so if you are confused on finding a way to make friends online, and you are interested in knowing every steps on how to do that. Relax for we will be guiding you in all the aspect in order to make better friends online.

How to make friends online

Below are the tips on how to make friends online;

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  1. Relax and be sure about the kind of friend you want, and the way you want the person to see you.
  2. Try to join social networks and be active on it, you can’t make friends if you are not in any social network, so you have to join one.
  3. Join groups and also participate actively on them, participating in the group is the only way you can meet more friends and it will also make you to enjoy the social network more. If you are on Instagram you can also buy Instagram followers to get more friends
  4. Update your profile regularly and also post always on your status. The more active you are the more friends will easily find and send you more requests.
  5. Post more of pictures about yourself and things you are doing with love ones.
  6. If you do anything funny with your family and friends, you can update it and share with your online friends.
  7. Look for each and every person profile before chatting with the person. To avoid chatting with someone who you might not be the kind of person you want.
  8. You can start a chat with him or her, but remember the way you chat with the person determine the way, the person will address or treat you.
  9. During chatting try to be a little funny and also ask a get to know know questions first, for you to know more about the person and from there you will understand the next step of the chat
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How can I make friends online safely?

  • Make sure to look at the person profile and not just at his or her pictures, location or any other things but look at his friends list and check more about his family and those he tags, add them as friends if possible and carefully look at their profile too.
  • To make friends online safely you need to make sure that you know more about the person and go deeper from just asking him or to visiting profile and know those that are his or her close friends and family.
  • Check all his friends well to understand the person that is his family and also check more about his family and friends before thinking about having a date with the person.
  • Make sure that you fix the first date in a very open place where you can see people for you to avoid getting into trouble.
  • The best way to be safe from online friends is by not trusting any of your friends.

How can I meet new friends online for free?

To meet new friends online, all you need to do is to register a social media accounts, make sure to set up your profile well and all about you together with your location in other for you to make friends in your location or within.

Is it good to make friends online?

Yes it is good to make friends online but try to make sure you’re careful and learn more about the person for your own safety. Before you chat with someone always try to go to the person friends list to know his close friends and family members for your safety.

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How can foreigners make friends online?

  • As a foreigner try to first think about your safety because you don’t know anywhere or place yet.
  • Start with friends who live in the same location with you.
  • Make sure that you know about those that are his or her family and also learn more about them.
  • Meet first in an open place for your own safety first.
  • Don’t trust the person immediately until you guys stay together for a long time.


Make friends online not dating

To make friends online all you need to do is to make use of a normal social media sites and avoid dating sites unless you are looking for who to hangout or have a date with.

How to make friends online teenager

  • As teenager make sure to set up your age and location when registering for a social media account, add friends base on your age and location and try to learn about the person you want to chat with before having a chat with him or her.
  • Don’t visit any personal outside your location and make sure to have the visit in an open place for your own safety.

App to make friends around the world

Apps that you can use to make friends are Meetup, Badoo, Tinder, Skout, Instagram, Facebook and many other social network out there. Base on the kind of friends you are looking for you can sign up to any of the social media.


Finally please be careful while making friends online, and make sure you chat for a very long time with the person. Don’t go and meet the person anyhow but if you must meet him or her make sure it’s a place safe or you are to be the one to suggest a place to meet (for ladies). Someone one can pretend to be good to you online but he or she might be the opposite of what you will see.

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“How to make friends online”

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