How to make friends in new city

How to make friends in new city
How to make friends in new city

Congrats to you for relocating to a new city, i hope you will enjoy your new home. Well I understand you are now thinking and being disturbed on how and where to start now in making new friends. But relax I will explain it to you, just remember that changing to a new city, is like changing and deciding to have a new life. So you have the opportunity now to decide the kind of life and the kind friends you want to have. Now here is how to make new friends. “How to make friends in new city”


How to make friends in new city


  1. Decide the kind of friends you want. How you want them to see and address you, you can even decide to change your name and the things about you. It’s only what you tell them about you that they will know.


  1. Be jovial and friendly to people around you, people you meet and the ones who approach you. If you are not, then people will find it hard to come closer to you and communicate with you, and if they run away from you then it might be hard for you to make friends.


  1. Go on a morning walk out. If you are the type that engages in exercise, it is the best time now to do so because you can meet more people when doing so.


  1. Go to an events or activities that are happening around you. Look around you and attend any events that will take place around you. By doing so, you will have to meet more people living around you or even near you.
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  1. You can also start by going to your neighbors and introduce yourself first to anyone you see, as a new person in the city.


  1. Another place to meet and make friends is school, but it’s only if you are a student or planning to join school around. Then you can easily make friends in school as long as you read hard, join social clubs in school and participate in other events in school.


Lastly remember that since you are new. I advise you to first relax and monitor the city well to understand and know how the people living in it behave before making new friends. It will make things easier for you and also make you to understand where to start in making friends, and try not to make friends with bad people or people who cause problem in the city, that is why I suggested you first cool down first and understand the city better before making friends.

“How to make friends in new city”

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