How to make friends in high school

How to make friends in high school
How to make friends in high school

It’s not that difficult to make friends in high school, so stop being disturbed about it. No matter how hard it may seem to you, just relax and stop being troubled, today I will show you how to make friends. And you will understand the things and qualities for you to look for when making friends in school. So let me not say much and tell you what you need to know. “How to make friends in high school”

How to make friends in high school


1. Be jovial and social.

Students prefer anyone that is jovial and someone who can communicate easily with them without being dull or feeling important for them. So for you to make friends easily in school, you should try to be social with other students. Be friendly with them, take people as one and do not act as if you are above every one or be a bully. Eliminate the pride in you and try to take people as your fellow human being.
For instance, If you come to school as a fresher, you need to watch the ground to know the limit of things to do, and know the extent they can go in that school to avoid going against the school rules and regulations. Then after that. You should be free and avoid being arrogant and do not habour pride in your life. Show some face to those ones that comes close to you, socializing with your fellow students. With this you can make a lot of friends and your classmates will even be the ones to come to you without you going for them.

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2. Join school clubs.

In every school, there are some clubs that are acceptable to the school rules and regulations, and those clubs are what you will engage yourself with. For example. Social club, cultural club, red Cross and other clubs. You can know the one you can fit in. Then in any one that you choose, just try to be the best in it, and devote yourself with it. Do not be one of those people they are just in the club as casual members, instead be the one that is making the club to grow. Bring yourself and be number one in it. You can also join as many club as you want in that school, but do not join if you know that you cannot handle it. Hide yourself a bit and do not showcase yourself that much as if you are the only one in that club, if you do such, you will have a lot of enemies. But if you just be yourself and accept it when your leader at yells you that you are wrong or when anybody corrects you. Do not be too adamant on your mistakes, accept your mistakes and apologize immediately after you must have being corrected. With that attitude, people will like you and you will have a lot of friends.

3. Join in a competition.

For a student to know what he or she can do better is when the student join in a competition, because so many people that have talent will also participate in that competition. So if you truly want to know yourself better so that you can win people’s love and make a lot of friends, try joining a competition that maybe going on in your school. Try to be the best of all, and introduce new skills in that competition so that people will love to see or watch you whenever you are among the competitors at anytime. One cannot be said to be perfect in school, if he or she has not involved with other students and win. So you should try this, for it will definitely help you in getting friends who really love you.

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“How to make friends in high school”

4. Read hard to be intelligent.

This is one of the important one, an intelligent student do not seek for friends instead friends come to them. So you should read In order to defend yourself, you might not be that intelligent but atleast be a student that other students can rely on. Although not all intelligent student have friends, the reason for that is, such intelligent students are very arongant and also has a lot of pride that may scare people away from them. So, if you are intelligent, do not forget to love other students around you. Be of good conduct and help other people in terms of academics challenges.

5. Be bold and smart.

To have friends in school and attract the attention of other people around, you should be bold while speaking and also smart while doing anything.
A bold and smart person is also the the one to defend his or her friends in terms of any needs tomorrow. So if you are such person, a lot of people will like to be your friend because some people are too dull to defend themselves and in that case, they will prefer to be friends with someone who can defend them or help them in learning that skill.

“How to make friends in high school”

6. Start with people close to you.

Charity they said, begins at home. So to bring it to our discussion today, if you want to make friends in school, you should first start with people that came close to you. People in your lodge or people that are in your class. Anywhere close to you, because it’s the people around you that will tell people outside how good you are and how much you are a good friend to them. And for the outsider hearing that, will like to taste the lovely part of your friendship, doing that will give you a lot of friends that you are looking for. Someone will not know how good you are until you try it on them. So make friends with people around you and then people outside will love to make friends with you, seeing how well and how good you are to your friends. They will also like to be one of your friends.

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7. Do something unique in your school.

It is not most that everyone will do exactly the same thing. There is something special in every human being. So the best way to do yours is to know what exactly, you can do that other students can’t do. If you can fish that thing out in yourself, and apply it. Honestly a lot of friends shall be made from that by you. Because people like it when someone can do something that nobody can do in that school, but let it be something good and something that will not implicate you in that school. In anything that it may be, make sure you are not going against the school rules and regulations. Of course if the school finds it interesting, you will see that they make even call you on stage to appreciate what your have done and the new skills you have created in the school, thereby introducing it to other students through you. And that will give you a very big credit to your elbow.


To make good friends in high school, if you can follow those tips that we have listed above, you can see that you will make great friends in high school.
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“How to make friends in high school”

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