How To Make Friends In Community College

How To Make Friends In Community College

Making friends is good, but be careful of the ones you make, because there is this saying that says; show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, and also remember that evil communication or association corrupts good manners. “How To Make Friends In Community College”

A lot of us are so eager to make friends, not minding the kind of person. Someone once said, “my friends don’t choose me, I choose my friends. Choosing your friends by yourself will help you to know the kind of people to associate with. It will also help you to know if the person has a common purpose with you, or share a similar character with you.

Some friends inspire, motivate, encourage, support, and believe in you; this is the kind of friends you should make and keep around you. Make friends with people that have dreams, aspirations, and visions.

Having a good friend or friends in your community college is one of the best things that can happen to you in your lifetime. Then, the question here is, “how do I make friends in my community college?” These are some of the ways you can make friends in your community college.


The first thing you have to do if you want to make friends is to be friendly because he that has a friend must show himself close. Extend a hand of friendship to people around you. Don’t carry along or frown face always and expect to make friends, and you will end up chasing everyone away from you.

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Smile and laugh, if the conversation going on in the class is funny. Smiling or laughing does not reduce you nor make you illiterate. Instead, it does more good for you because it helps calm your nerves and improves the state of your health. “How To Make Friends In Community College”

When you laugh or smile at other people’s funny stories, it makes them feel at ease with you, and you end up drawing them closer to yourself, and soon they will become your friends.


A club is an association of members joining together for some common purpose, especially sports or recreation. It can also be any set of people with shared characteristics. Look for a club that shares the same goal and mindset with you and join them. Maybe you like basketball, look for a club that plays basketball and will also help you improve in your choice of sports.

If there is no such club, you can start the club by yourself by looking for people who have the same choice of sports or recreation with you and people with like passion as you do, gather them and form a club. There you will make lasting friends that will never leave or forget you even after college.

How To Make Friends In Community School


If you want to make friends in your community college, you must be social. Being social means 

  • You must be able to relate to people, no matter their height, class, status, race, origin, background, or level. This helps you make friends faster. 
  • You won’t only laugh or smile during other people’s conversations, and you can as well start the conversation by yourself. “How To Make Friends In Community College”
  • You can pick up a fascinating and educative story like the present educational system of the country.
  • You can start a debate. You can divide the class into two parts, the opposing side and the proposing side, and then you can select one or two people to join you as the judge.
  • You can cast a lot. You will tear out a sheet of paper, dividing it into pieces, and write out the name of the smart students on each piece, then ask the students to pick.
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Accommodate means to render fit, suitable, or correspondent; to adapt; to conform, to accommodate ourselves to circumstances or to bring into agreement or harmony; to reconcile, to compose, to adjust, to settle, as to provide differences, a dispute, etc.

To make friends in your community college, you must be accommodating, accommodate their differences, their weaknesses, and their ego. Sometimes, people around you can make ugly or unpleasant statements to you, or a misunderstanding, don’t take it to heart, just let it go.

If you are not accommodating, you might make friends, but be sure you can’t keep them, and they won’t be able to have you as their friend for long because we all have our differences, even you. “How To Make Friends In Community College”

How To Make Friends In A Community


Look for people you can study together with. You can come along every day or once in a week and do a kind of revision or study ahead. This will help all of you intellectually and bring you closer as friends.


No matter how desperate one can be to make friends, no one wants to be a friend to a trouble maker, because you will eventually enter into trouble one day.

Be a problem solver, and you will attract a lot of friends. Look for a way to solve not all their problems, but some of them, and you can achieve this by advising them on what to do to get out of a problem or teaching the dull ones some of the lessons they failed.

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