how to make a man miss you

How To Make A Man Miss You

In a relationship, it is supposed that both of you should miss each other for it’s a sign that you love yourselves. “How To Make A Man Miss You”

Reading this article will guide you a lot it you are interested in knowing how to make a man missing you, for it is designed to direct and describe everything you need to do in order to get your man to miss you in your relationship.
Carefully go through this and understand what you should do to make your man miss you.


How To Make A Man Miss You

1. Minimize communication

Yes, it’s true that you have feelings for him, but sometimes you have to do something that hurts small In order to achieve your goal. By minimizing the level of communication between you two.
For instance. If you notice that your man has lost some little interest maybe because you are becoming usual to him, and you truly want him to miss you, this therapy is one of the most effective one, that you can use In order to make your man missing you.
Once he sees that you have withdrew from him and lessened your communication with him, you will see that he will start wondering what the problem is and how to fixed it, provided that you two love each other.
If you want him to miss you, then give him reason to miss you by putting an end in calling, texting and chatting him up, with that he will start missing you. Try it and thank me later.


2. Be independent

You want him to miss you yet you won’t stay a day or week without asking him for a favor. You always depends on him in any move you take, you won’t have a decision by yourself, and you won’t even afford to stay on your own for a moment.
If you are doing all this, how do you expect him to miss you, NO he won’t because he will even feel happy that you don’t come along because, he knows that all that you have to say is ” give me this, give me that.
Sometimes you have to say No in some certain decision of his, especially those ones that affects you. Be on your own and build a self respect so that he won’t be able to toll around with you for any reason.
Doing that will make you special in his eyes, and he will always feel happy in any little moment you spend with him, instead of staying around all the time. Give him some space and concentration only on your own. “How To Make A Man Miss You”

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3. Let him not be the first to end your conversation

After making wait, if he loves you he will eventually contact you. And when he does that, always make sure that he is not the first to end that conversation. Try to be the one to hang up and let him be the one to reply last in a text. Not every of his text messages you will respond to.
Ignore that last one so that he will have the reason to miss you even though you both just spoke. The major thing is to keep him wanting more of you, more of your time, your calls and respond. If you ended it by yourself you will see that he will call again or better still text again because he still need you to get in touch with him that moment.


4. Be a jolly woman

Be that type of girl that always make him happy whenever he is with her. Not that boring girlfriend of his. No one wants to be with a boring girlfriend, so be fun to be with. Everything should not always be about going to church and being a born again.
You should at least spicy your relationship with a lot of fun and laughter so that your man will always have a reason to miss you all the time, even when you just gone out for a very little time. Because of your charming and playful mood will always be in his mind at all time, even when you are around him. “How To Make A Man Miss You”

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5. Invest in yourself

It is good to invest in yourself as a woman than investing in other things. It you who should take time in taking care of yourself, dressing appropriately and keeping fit as well as looking charming before him in order to be attractive every time in his eyes and in the eyes of others especially if you are trying to get attention of other people.
This works so fast because every man wants their woman to be neat and attractive in their eyes, no matter how little that he can afford to support. Try it you will see the good effect on him.


6. Try to make him jealous

Some men find it hard to see how good their woman is until he finds another man beside her with some full interest. So if it happens that you have such man in your life and you want to make him miss you, you can start with trying to making him jealous by being so nice to his male friends.
Get closer to other men but not that you will start cheating on him or you will overuse the chance. You should also make things go accordingly. Let him know how special you are especially when seeing other guys appreciate and adores you in his presence, it will definitely open his eyes about you and he will start missing you even when you are close to him. “How To Make A Man Miss You”


7. Dress sexy

Put on your best sexy clothes when you want to meet him. Do not dress like someone who is going to church. Not that you won’t be decent but at least be on a sexy dress that will bring out your beauty. Try to dress on your best that is capable of turning heads on you while walking towards him.
Note. Don’t be too exposed on your dress. Just be sexy and smart. Make his heart skip a bit when he sees you, and that will make him remembering every bit of your steps and appearance for as long as he is with you, even when you are gone.

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8. Don’t be too emotional

Let it appear to him that there’s still a lot of things he doesn’t know about you. Leave him craving for more. Don’t be too open to him, be a little secretive, playful and a kind of mysterious, so that it will be hard for him to understand you. That attitude will make him craving to know you more. “How To Make A Man Miss You”


9. Give him reason to miss you

As you want him to miss you, so as you will give him reason to do that, by your character.
You should make sure that you are a good woman, that your contributions into his life if giving out better results in him. You should be able to tell it you are that kind of woman that he wants to be with. Try giving him the best side of you, by encouraging and bringing out the best in him.
You can as well do your best to keep the relationship on top and do not forget not to ever force yourself on him. If he loves you for sure he will recognize your worth. But if he doesn’t love you, there’s no amount of things you will do for him that he will recognize. So make sure that you are doing all this for the right man. To avoid being disappointed. Try doing this and you will be sure of getting what you ever wanted.


How to make a man miss you depends on how you treat the man. So it you truly want him to miss you, you should as well build and discipline yourself to be that kind of woman he wants in his life to avoid working for another woman.

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“How To Make A Man Miss You”

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