How to love your wife

How to love your wife
How to love your wife

I will explain to you today things you need to be doing for your wife and she will say “YES” my husband loves me dearly. So are you disturbed on how to treat your wife? Are you troubled on what to do for you to prove to her that you love her? Well relax for I got you covered. I will tell you ways and things you will do to show your wife you truly love and care about her. So without wasting much time let look at how to love your wife.


How to love your wife


  1. Buy her gifts.

How many times have you buy gifts for your wife? Don’t make the mistake of not buying your wife gifts, no matter how small the gift. Just try to always buy it for her she will love it. She is not new in your life, she understands the condition, so buy gifts for her no matter how little it is.

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  1. Carry her pictures always.

Having her pictures always with you, is also a way to prove you love her. She will even be happy to see that you always carry her pictures with you and it will always make her happy.


  1. Give her attention.

It is good for you as a husband to give your wife the attention that she needs. Giving her your attention will make her happy and will make you understand when she needs you or when she is troubled, and also when another man is trying to lure her away from you.


  1. Defend and protect her.

Try to defend and protect her first before anything. It is your duty as a man to stand and defend your wife, not only your wife but your family too.

How to love your wife
How to love your wife
  1. Take her regularly on a date or vacation.

Don’t think that because you are married that there is no need of going on a date or vacation with your wife only. Well you are wrong because taking her on a date will make her happy and will also make both of you to fall in love more with each other.


  1. Play and have fun with her.

Playing with her and having fun with your wife will always make her happy and even love you more. It will also make her to feel relax staying with you. So try to make sure to play with her and make her happier.


  1. Cook for her at times.

Nothing is sweeter to most women than seeing their man cook for them. No matter how the food tastes she will eat it with happiness because you are the one who prepared it. “How to love your wife”


  1. Cook with her at times.

Don’t let her to be in the kitchen alone. Join her in the kitchen and cook together with her, she will be happy with you keeping her company.


  1. Respect her.

Never you be among those men who treats there wife anyhow as if she is nothing to you. Instead show her respect and treat her with so much value. Even when she does something wrong in the public, make sure you caution her inside (i.e. when you get home) and not immediately in the public.


  1. Do the things that make her happy.

She is your wife, so you should know the things that make her happy or that she loves doing and do it with her.


  1. Appreciate her when she does something.

If she does something for you or for the family try to always appreciate her. Show her that you are happy with what she did. So that she will always be doing more things and also be happy doing it. “How to love your wife”


  1. Compliment her always.

Compliments are very important to a woman. Try to always compliment her always.

Tell her she is beautiful.

Her hair fits her.

In fact tell her the things about her look and how it fits her, for all these makes a woman happy.


  1. Always remind her how much you love her.

Is very important that you remind your wife how much you care, love and value her, so that she will always smile and be happy. If it’s possible renew or confess your love for her always. “How to love your wife”

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  1. Make her happy and comfortable.

Women love happiness and to always feel at home in their husband’s house. So bring happiness in your home for her to feel loved.


  1. Listen to her

It makes women happy to see that there husband is the kind of man who always listen and appreciate her advice. So listen first to her before taking any action, don’t be too authoritative.


  1. Always be there when she needs you.

Try to always be there for her and for your family when you are needed most for doing so makes her happy and relax, because she knows that you will always be there for her no matter what happens.


  1. Call her regularly at work.

Having strong communication with your wife is very important. Even if you are at work make out time to always call and check on her.

“How to love your wife”

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