How to look good as a guy

How to look good as a guy
How to look good as a guy

Looking good is something everyone love and wish for, but many don’t know how to go about with it. Many have been searching for where to read on it, and if that is why you are here. Then relax for you are now at the right place to get your answer. I will explain ways and things needed for you to look good without wasting much of your time. “How to look good as a guy”


How to look good as a guy


  1. Wear decent clothes.

The kind of dresses you put on defines who you are and your type of person. Don’t dress like a tout and expect people to see you as a good person. Instead dress cooperate and simple, for you to look good and responsible.


  1. Put on attire that fits you.

If you don’t wear things or cloth that fits you, there is no need for you trying to look good. You need to first look for outfits that match you, ask your friends if you don’t know anyone that fits you.


  1. Iron your clothes.

Ironing and straightening your clothes will also make you to appear neat and decent. Most people look at all that when grading someone for looking good.

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  1. Keep your body clean.

You need to always make sure your body is neat and avoid being sweaty. Take your bath regularly and don’t involve yourself in anything that will dirty your body.

“How to look good as a guy”

  1. Avoid body and mouth odor.

Avoid body and mouth odor by wearing perfumes and brushing your teeth regularly. If you’ve noticed that you still get bad breath despite brushing regularly, it’s recommended to take extra care for your smile with the dentist in CA. If you already have any odor on your body, make sure to take your bath regular and look for a strong perfume for your body.


  1. Keep your house and apartment neat.

Looking good goes beyond your body, because you if you look good on your body and someone visits your home only to find out that your house is not kept clean, know that you are not doing it right because as you look good everything about you both your home will also be the same.


  1. Behave gentle.

You can’t dress good and act like a rascal. So if you really want to look good in the eyes of people, you need to be gentle and smart. By doing this you will achieve your goals.


  1. Be respectful.

Learn to respect people, no matter how small the person is to you, try to give every individual that respect he or she deserves.


Looking good comes with so many care and responsibilities that you can never imagine but it comes with many rewards and gifts from the eyes and heart of people around you. So learn and practice it, you will see how people will value and respect you for that.

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“How to look good as a guy”

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