How to live a happy life

10 ways to live a happy life

Living a happy life is one of the nicest things to do in life, happiness is the number one key to a healthy life. If you are not happy in your life, you have automatically lost the main meaning of life. “10 ways to live a happy life”

So coming to the question, “how to live a happy life”? If you are confused and interested in knowing the exact way to live a happy life, we are going to write on it today so that we can clear your confusion and give you the exact result on your question today. “How to be happy”

Below are the ways in which you can live a happy life. Read carefully and understand every aspect of it.


10 ways to live a happy life


  1. Live a truthful life.
  2. Make other people happy.
  3. Do things that contribute to your happiness.
  4. Socialization.
  5. Don’t be selfish.
  6. Manage stress.
  7. Eat properly.
  8. Keep fit.
  9. Stay away from trouble.
  10. Appreciate yourself and others.


Live a truthful life

To live a happy life, it is necessary for you to live a truthful life to start with. Make sure to be on the side if truth, and also try to be someone that other people can rely on. Let your Yes and your No be trust worthy. A life lived in truth is more important than a life lived with lies and greediness.

For instance, if you come to an organization that is having a dispute or in between two persons that are having issues, if you are there, try to say the exact truth and do not do anything in favor of anybody or any friend so that your words will be upright at anytime.

Be the type of person that people will be addressing as a truthful one. Be a peace maker so that your life will be worth living and seeing how people love and takes you responsible, you will be happy and your happiness will automatically make your life happy.

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Make other people happy

You are not the only one that is meant to be happy in life, so that means if you truly want to live a happy life, you should always be happy to make other people happy, especially those ones around you, charity they say begins at home.

You cannot be happy while you are causing other people to be unhappy, those ones that you are making unhappy will not allow your heart to rest and that will bring unhappiness to your heart without you knowing where it is coming from.

So be wise for happiness is not only meant for one person alone. The happiness that you showered to the people around you will give your heart everlasting happiness and you will live a complete happy life.

“10 ways to live a happy life”

Do things that contribute to your happiness

You cannot be happy when you are doing things that will only bring you heartbreak. You should be engaging yourself to the things that can contribute to your happiness, not those things that will cause you pain. You are supposed to take care of yourself and avoid things that will cause you pain or doing things that you will regret tomorrow.

For instance, you should not do anything in favor of anybody without considering how you will feel after doing it. You should not also engage in any act that will bring you pain that you cannot endure just because you want to please someone. Pride should not make you do anything especially the things you know that you can’t do. Let your happiness be your number one priority.



A friendly fellow is always happy and will not easily be into any trouble unnecessarily due to the people he or she is associating with will always be there to help at least, one or two persons out of thousands of friends.

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If you want to live a happy life, you should be ready to make friends and socialize with others, do not be too hard to be reached. Be someone that can easily associate with other people, take others as you take yourself, but remember in anything that you may be doing, let it not be too much. Everything in life always has limit so be wise.

“10 ways to live a happy life”

Don’t be selfish

A selfish person is the one who always get into trouble in any little thing, because he or she is only thinking about him or herself without caring how it affects others. To live a happy life, you must not be a selfish person, you shall always be a kind-hearted person so that people around you will be happy that you are with them, and seeing that will always give your soul happiness and your life will be growing in happiness and peace.


Manage stress

Too much of stress in your daily life is an evidence of an unhealthy life. When you cannot manage stress you will find out that there are certain things, which you may be lacking that you may not even know. So you should minimize from doing anything that will stress you too much so that your life will be filled with happiness.

“10 ways to live a happy life”

Eat properly

Proper eating of food will always give you a nice body and promotes your happiness. Eat more of fruits and vegetables then take care of anything that goes inside your belly and do not eat anyhow. Know when to eat and when not to eat. When you are eating what your body needs, you will always be happy, no matter how little it may be.


Keep fit

Keeping fit will make you lose weight and reduce the level of cholesterol in your body, thereby giving you a nice shape and keeping you away from unnecessary disease or sickness. A little exercise in a day can go a long way in your health. So choose a nice exercise plan that you can do better and apply them every morning before doing anything. Take a full cup of water to wash down so that your body will be in order at all times.

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Stay away from trouble

It you truly want to live a happy life, you should try to stay away from trouble so that you won’t get yourself in a mess that you may not be able to come out again. Do let your actions be of a good one. Do not be influence with friends who are not good in character, friends who will mislead you. Mingle with people that will educate you and help you be the best of your kind. When you are out from trouble, your life will be full with happiness and that will contribute to your healthy living.


Appreciate yourself and others

Be yourself and appreciate what you are and what you can do, appreciate other people too. Be happy for other people’s achievement. Be contented with whatever you have and accept that one that you cannot do.

No one is perfect in life. So accept that all hands are not equal, and accept the fact that a friend can do something more than you, but do not allow yourself to be so defeated in everything. Let there be something that you can do that others cannot do. So work hard and seek for advice from the people that is above you. It really brings happiness into one’s life.


In conclusion

Living a happy life depends on the path you follow, so we believed that you have known what to do in above tips listed and the choice is yours to make today. We wish you all the best in your choice. Drop your contributions on our comments section, and again if you are still confused in anything at all, just feel free to message us in our forum for we are always there to answer every question that you may ask.


“10 ways to live a happy life”

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