How to let go of past

how to let go of past
how to let go of past

Are you still thinking about your past? or the things you have done and don’t know how to forget about it all. Maybe it was a mistake that you made and don’t know how to correct it or how to forget about it. Well I will tell you things to do for you to easily forget about those things you did that still hurt your mind. So relax let me guide you on what to do. “How to let go of past”


How to let go of past


1. Tell yourself you can do it.

Indeed that you can let go of the past you need to believe in what you can do, you need to encourage your heart that you are ready for this and you can do it. Look for words that can help you to do it without thinking twice. Trust and believe that the future is far more better than the past. In fact look for words that can make you understand that what has happen has happened, but you need to move ahead now to a better future. Doing it like this you are now good to go.

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2. Remind your mind that nobody is above mistake.

I want you to try and remind your heart that nobody is above mistake. Remember that no matter what happened in the past someone has experienced the same thing even the worst in this same world. So you are not the first and can’t be the last to have such experience. So just bear in mind that this is why we are all human, and is among the experience we all will face in one way or the other. So think about it and move on.


3. Take the past as part of your life story.

Each and every one of us has a story to tell in this life and our story can be the past or even the future. So why not make the future a better place for us all to stay and be happy living in it. The best way to correct the past mistakes is only through the future. No matter what happened to you in the past you can amend it all in the future.


4. Avoid hating yourself because of the past.

Don’t think you are the worst person in this life because no matter what happened you, someone had also the same experience even the worst of it all and is still live. So you are not the first, all you need to do is to forget it all and wait for the right time in future to smile and fix it all. “How to let go of past”


5. Focus on the future.

Now is the best time to focus on the future and the things that it has for you. Don’t hold on to your past for you can’t reach the past. Focus only on to the future, for there lies the amendment and correction we need to do about our future and it is the place we can make our life better in the eyes of our God and man.


6. Believe you can fix it all by been a better you.

It is said if someone agrees in something the God of the person will also agree and stand by it. So why not trust and believe that the only way to fix it all is by been a better person tomorrow and you will see that your God will stand by it.


7. Take the past mistake as a lesson and you implement it well this time.

When someone fail or make a mistake, there is one thing or the other that he or she will learn from it. So now why not take that past as a lesson and live your life by not falling in to that same mistake again.


8. Tell your psych it’s not your fault.

Try to encourage yourself that is not your fault, but it is already written that you will make that mistake. Take it as one of the things life brought to you as a test and move on.


9. Change environment.

If you think it’s hard for you to do or there is anything around you, why not change environment if you can and start your life new and fresh. Forget all, move to a new location and live a better life from there.

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10. Make new friends that will help you make your life better.

It is good for you now to make new friends who will make you happy and fresh. Make friends that will help you and encourage you in the future. For you to live a better life and be happy.

“How to let go of past”

11. Have fun with them.

Go out with them and have fun. Try new things and adventures with them, for you to feel relax and fill your mind with new things that will make your future better than staying alone thinking and do nothing.


12. Visit places you wish to go.

Is there any place you have ever wished in your life to go, then now is a good time for you to do that because it will help you forget about your mistakes and set on a new goal of life.


13. Do only the things that makes you happy.

Now is the best time to do only the things that makes your heart happy, for you to easily move on and have fresh ideas. Doing things that makes you happy will make you to feel more relax and think positive about the things that lies before you.


14. You can’t live your life backwards.

Remember in this life, it is said forward ever backwards never. So you see we can’t live our life, living backwards instead we move on and keep moving because that is why we are human. So why not move forward and learn from the past because any mistake you make again will still hurt, so you need to focus on the future to avoid doing another mistake.

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