How To Leave A Good Impression On First Date

When it comes to dating, you most likely want to impress the guy or girl who's taking you out for a night on the town. But there's a fine line between making a positive impact, and unrolling a metaphorical scroll to read off your positive qualities one by one. Many of us get it twisted and think making a good impression on a date is all about proving how great we are. In reality, however, it can be anything but charming.

1. Try To Be Good At Listening

Nothing's better than having someone listen (and actually hear) what you have to say. It's such a good feeling, in fact, that doing so for your date is basically guaranteed to leave a lasting good impression.

2. Ensure The Conversation Is Balanced

Remember what I said about listing your positive qualities? While you want to put those in, you'll also want to remember to ask your date about themselves.

3. Avoid Argument-Inducing Convo Topics

You don't have to pretend like politics and religion don't exist, or act like you haven't dated anyone before. "These are things that can end in disagreement and immediate distancing, or make someone feel like you are not ready to move forward.

4. Make Them Feel Special

Ever notice how you don't remember exactly what your date said, but you do remember how they made you feel? (They made you feel interesting, they made you feel funny, etc.) Well, go ahead and reciprocate by making your date feel special.

5. Wear Something Eye-Catching

Of course you should show up in whatever makes you feel comfortable, but consider some science when deciding what to wear on your date.

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