How to know if he loves you or lusts you

How to know if he loves you or lusts you

To know if he loves you or lust you, there are some things that you have to observe in him and once you confirm that from him, you will totally be convinced that he loves or lust you; and those things are what we will be writing on today, so read carefully and understand the steps to follow. “How to know if he loves you or lusts you”


How to know if he loves you or lusts you?


  • How long you can stay in conversation?

If you are fond of or sharing ideas, problems and both happiness together with your partner for a long time without getting bored or fed up, when you observed such thing just know that he loves you. But when you two cannot stay for 5 mins at least in a conversation without jumping into romancing or sexual fantasies with you then know that he lust you. Love and lust is a different thing all together.


  • How much attention does he give to you?

Ask yourself how much he has paid attention to your worries or problem unless is when you come to him for sex. If you noticed that your partner does not care about what is going on in your life nor what and what you are facing per that time, just know that he lust you but not love. But if he cares about you, your problems and also willing to help you even when he doesn’t have. If his advice is always helpful to you without any person’s interest or desires. When such is confirmed in him, just know that he loves you.

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  • What is his level of communication?

Take your time to know and calculate how do often he calls you a day, how much you mean to him on daily bases. If he only calls you whenever he needs you, or whenever he is free from work or business, when he knows that he won’t lose anything, it is automatically lust. If you notice that he normally picks your call when he wants to and not when you need him to, if he always gives you excuses for not picking your calls continuously, but he won’t give or ignore your call if it’s on weekends that he might be free and will want to have you in his house alone, my dear it is lust not love. But if you notice that he can’t stay for some time in a day without reaching out to you, just to know how you are doing or what is going on at your side, if he is worried always about you, if he always gives out few minutes from his time just to hear your voice or know the reason why you are calling and even give you time to make decision on your free days not the days that won’t favor him. If his eager to communicate with you every moment of the day without any regrets, my dear is a sign that he loves you very much. “How to know if he loves you or lusts you”

  • How does he present you?

If you observe that he is always ashamed of you whenever you two are in public, but speaks so we’ll of you inside, it’s lust. If he can’t present you before his loved ones as a true friend, if he always hides you from some female friends’ and some immediate relations, know that he only keeps you for his selfish interest not for the reason that he loves you. But if he boldly present you as a true friend before his love ones and did not hide you from anybody from his side, if he is happy going out with you with full concentration without fear or shame, know that he loves you but not lust.


  • How often do you two quarrel?

If you observe that he is complaining about one thing or the other , he corrects you at all time and apologize if he noticed that you are upset because of him, if he always want to fix you to be perfect and never accept that you are imperfect, he will always want you to be the best of your kind, he won’t want another person to take away your glory, that truly shows that he loves you very much, because it’s someone that loves you will complain about your wrong doing not someone that only wants a selfish satisfaction. If you noticed that your partner does opposite of this thing just know that he lusts you. When he lusts you, no amount of the things you do can affects him because he only wants you for his selfish interest not for any other reasonable thing. “How to know if he loves you or lusts you”


Knowing all these, we believed that you are able to differentiate between lusts and love for you to know where to place your own partner for a better choice. Drop your comments if you have any.


“How to know if he loves you or lusts you”

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