How To Kiss A Man

how to kiss a man
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How to kiss a man for time is a question that has been ask by so many women. Most women do say, am not good at kissing, am a bad kisser, how can I kiss a man and many more questions asked today. I decided to answer this question and many other questions that you ask about men in terms of kissing.


How to kiss a man.

To kiss a man, all you simple needs to do is to take things slowly and follow his move.
Move his lips between your teeth as you are kissing him and pull it back slowly.
To make him want more make use of your hands to enhance the kissing and the feelings for more.
Kissing his ears and neck and at the same time romancing his back will get him seduced.

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How do you kiss someone for the first time?

To kiss someone for the first time, have your lips touched softly as you are feeling the person out, and keep your lips just slightly parted, and continue kissing the person for like five to ten seconds before you let go of the person. You can also use your hands to cup the person’s face, stroke the hair and caress at the neck too.

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What do guys like when you kiss them?

Guys want you to follow their leads, bite and nibble him by putting his lips between your teeth and slowly put it. He also wants to see you go more than just kissing by using your hands to enhance the feelings and emotions to make him want more.


What a man wants in a woman?

A man wants a woman who can care and show concern about him. A woman who can ask him about his work and daily activities, who can also care for his friends and family. A man what a woman who is nice, obedience and who can also respect him and others around him.

how to kiss a man

How do I kiss my boyfriend to make him crazy?

To make him crazy during kiss, all you have to do is to follow his lead, never judge him if it’s his first time, make use of your hands to increase the feelings and emotions for more, by romancing him.
Bite and nibble him, but be careful not to hurt him, just take his lips gentle between your teeth and pull it back slowly.
Kiss his sensitive parts, men have sensitive areas you can kiss him, if he is a starter you can kiss him on the ears down to the neck.
As you are kissing him you can slowly pull him down and lay on his body and start kissing every inch of his body to drive him more crazy.


How long should a first kiss last?

First time kiss is expected to last for like five to ten seconds before letting go of each other. After letting go and you two looks at each other’s face and see the feelings for love and more, then you can continue the kiss. But for romantic way, kiss for five to ten seconds first.

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Where do I put my hands when kissing?

Roles your fingers through his chest.
You can also place your fingers on his neck.
Also lock your fingers with his own fingers.
If the kiss is just an appetizer and you are preparing for the main exams you can place your hands around his thighs.


How do you move your lips when kissing a guy?

When kissing a guy, you can move your lips just as he moves. You can only be holding his upper lips as he holds you down lips and can also move more with your tongue, but in all make sure to take things slowly.


Can a girl kiss a guy first?

Yes you can kiss a guy for the first time as long as you two are in any kind of relationship, dating or have an emotional feelings for each other, then their is nothing wrong in kissing the guy for the first time. Many men also want to see their woman making the move first.


What happens after the first kiss?

The feelings for more and free is seen in each other. Since it’s your first time you don’t have to judge because it takes a lot of anxiety. After the first kiss the feelings of being free and really move on with the person is seen in both partners.


What makes a good kisser?

A good kiss is the one that goes with soft and natural lips with the tongue and a soft bite that can’t hurt someone. But the one that the lips is placed between the teeth and gently pull it back too.

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How do you ask for a kiss?

Kissing is not something that you ask for but something to go for. So don’t think that you can ask for a kiss but rather go for it.

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