How to Impress Husband And Get His Full Love

how to impress husband And get him Love You More

If you are here that means you want to know How to Impress Husband and how to get husband love or you want to know the things you need to do as a woman or wife to impress your husband. Then know that you are in the right place because am going to show you the things you need to do as a woman to attract your husband more. And make her love you more. So relax because there are many ways to impress a husband and also many ways to get a husband. So many people asked that question and so many are confused on how to get husband love and how to impress a husband.

Here are the tips on how to impress a husband and get his Love

  1. Your Neatness

As a woman, number one thing you need to do in order to impress your husband and also to get husband love is to appear neat always, even when you have nice cloth or not. Some women thinks that being neat is only when you buy a lot of cloths, but that is not it, try to always change cloths and flashy. It not a must to have too much cloths but try to also keep that little you have neat and appear smart is the most important thing. Because men like it when you appear natural, neat smart.

  1. Have Good character

Some women are bound with bad character. Let me tell you, your character will determine the way your husband treat you or his character toward you. A woman needs to have a very nice character because with that you can actually know how to impress husband and how to get husband love. Don’t be the type that always nags at husband, quarrel at every little thing, shout on him anyhow and treats him as if he committed a crime by coming into your life. Show him the nicest part of you, care for him, show him concern, Bring out the woman in you. So as to brighten his future and encourage his effort.

  1. Be Polite to him

A nice woman is suppose to be polite, don’t be rude to your husband. Even to anybody because you may not know if your husband will be somewhere watching, how you are to other people. And how you address them so you need to be polite at all cost because it is also a way on how to impress husband and how to get husband love.

How to Impress Husband And How to Get a Husband Love

  1. A bit social with his friends

This is very important, some women forget the fact that before their husband got marry to them that he has friends. So now that he married you he will chase his guys away because of you. Don’t make the mistake of treating his friends anyhow. Because if you do then know that you are making a big mistake, He may not tell you. But the truth is that inside him he is not happy. So for you to impress your husband learn to be social with his friends.

  1. Be Hardworking

Almost every men love a woman that is hardworking not the lazy ones. So don’t be among those that are lazy. And always demand money from your husband learn to be doing things on your own instead of relying always rely on your husband to do everything for you. Be hardworking, industrious . Be a woman of substances, stand on your feet and work things out for yourself so that whenever your husband sees you he will know that with or without him that you can stand. It is also another wonderful tip on how to impress husband and how to get husband love.

  1. Don’t talk too much

As a woman you don’t have to be a type that always talk whenever you see talk. Talk less and act more, the more you talk the more you get yourself into trouble. So less talking and act more, action they say speaks louder than words. But never you act foolishly, act wisely at a needed time. A Woman is meant to be quiet especially in a group of Men. Because with that you will attract the attention of your husband at your side and you will also get some regards. You see it is another way on how to impress husband and how to get husband love.

  1. Be Calm and gentle

A woman need to be gentle and calm, don’t be rough , rude and arrogant. Be respectful, walk majestically, learn how to stay with people , don’t be too shy and don’t be too rough, let everything you do be at minimal. So that you will know when you are making a mistake in order to correct it immediately.

  1. Be Trustworthy

A lot of women have made it a point of duty to lie at any giving time even when you held them in the act. Don’t be that type of woman. Let your yes be yes and your No be No in anything. Be truthful so that your husband can trust you and stand for you knowing that you don’t lie to him. Some women always tell their husband that they are at home while they were somewhere else or another place, not knowing that the husband he is lying to is seeing her somewhere. So always be truthful so that you will win his heart. So you see trustworthy is another tips on how to impress a husband and how to get husband love.

  1. Be Obedient

Some woman have made it that they will never be under a man. That there decision must be the final say, so with that attitude they will end up lacking manners. Be obedient to anybody you want to your husband, learn how to obey and how to respect your husband that you are living with. With that you are making him to exercise his power as a man and he will love you for that. So it’s another way on how to impress husband and get his love.

  1. Encourage him

As a woman you have to make it your duty to encourage your husband or the man you want to have as a husband. So as to impress him, give him courage, advice and make sure you support him with everything you can in order to motivate him. Men also like to be pet at time, they also need advice and they always value it. So learn it and adopt it because its also a sign that you love him and care for him As well. It is also a tip on how to get husband love and how to impress husband.

  1. Give him Good advice

At times men behave like a small child, but you as woman need to know when to give him an advice especially good ones because it will make him to always look for you whenever he is in need. Because your solutions matters to him and even if you don’t submit yourself to him, your good advice alone will make your husband to be looking for you at any giving time and chances.

  1. Love his favorite

Don’t be those types of women that always like her husband to do only what they like, don’t be selfish. Sometimes try to also like his favorite even when you detest them. Develop likeness in what he likes. For example if your husband or a man you like to have as your husband likes football, don’t hate football, also like football and at times try to watch the football with him and put your interest in that football even like it more than him. With that he will love you more than anything you may think of. So it is also a tip on how to get husband and how to impress  husband.

  1. Try to always Express your love:

Try to always show your love, every single day. Let him know how much you value him. Tell him how much you love him. And also try to do something sweet or different for him. Always use your love to surprise him. You can try by acting something funny, let say write a note and  say “I will always love you” and keep it a place he will always see it. Try to also remind him of the funny thing you both do together, for him to also have those sweet memories with you.

How to Impress Husband And How to Get a Husband Love

  1. Be the First to make live to him

Try at times to be the one that will make you two to make love at times. Don’t always wait for him to be the one that will always call out the emotions. So at times be the one to seduce him and make him have the seduction and not him doing so at all times.


  1. Give him a surprise at times:

It is good to always surprise your husband at time. Try to always do things that will surprise him and make him happy. At times go market and buy clothes for him. Bring out your money at times and ask him for a date. In fact just try anything that will interest him and do it as a surprise. This is another way on how to impress husband or how to get husband love.

  1. Bath with him

Try to at times bath with your husband. Sometimes you make it playful and not just bathing together. Let say sometime you may tell him this “I will remove your cloth and also be the one that will bath you today and you will also do the same to me” So make the bath time playful in any way that you can and not just bathing with him together. Because doing so will not just impress him but will also create a memory that he will never forget.

  1. Try to cook for your husband

Men love food so much. In fact the best way for you to have your way into a man heart is to cook for him. Don’t say you don’t know how to cook or that you are not that good in cooking. Most women at times make a mistake of not cooking for their husband and is not good. Try to cook for your husband especially his best or favorite food. If you are asking how to impress husband or how to get husband love and you are not cooking for him or you hate cooking then forget it because for you to cook for him matters a lot. To be sincere men love the fact that their woman cook for them. so try to cook for your man.

  1. Be Updated Always

Men at times like women, who are informative. They prefer women who know what is happening in the world. An intellectual wife, who can hold a discussion and have her view point on various topics, will keep her husband engaged in a healthy conversation. Read the news paper and novels for starter. If you are that kind of woman then know that your husband will be proud of you. Doing so is also part of way to impress your husband

  1. Brag And Be Proud of him.

When you are with people or around with your friends. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of telling them about the things your husband has been doing or the things he do for you. Or buy for you, or the things about your husband that you love most. But remember that you don’t need to spend all your time talking about that. And again you don’t need to tell them all about your family to avoid adding problem in your family. Because heart of men are evil, but adding a few well-placed compliments into conversations. Will make your husband know that you really love and value him.


  1. Send him Love text

Don’t think that because you are married that there is no need for this. In fact don’t make the mistake of not doing this. Always try to send him love text or messages especially during the day. Or when he is at work, just try to always write a sweet and short love SMS for him. Or even ask him how things is going over there.