what women want in a man that love them or in a man they love

Well if you are here to know how to impress a girl that you love and also make her happy, so that she will fall more deep in love with you more than the way she is doing now. Well don’t worry then because you are in the right place. I will show you how to impress a girl that you love, or the things you need to be doing to impress a girl that you love. Now without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the things you need to know.

Now see how to impress your girlfriend

  1. Admiring Her

If you want to make a girl love you more then know that you need to always admire her and her beauty. See let make you understand something well here about this, if you love a girl and want to win her heart more or what her to fall deep in love with you, then try to always admire her weather she worth it or not try to always do that to get her well. Let say that your girl may not be very beautiful, or she is not wearing an attractive cloth, try to first admire her and say she look beautiful, may be after that you may put it this way. “You look beautiful on this dress or hair but with this one or this style you will look more beautiful”. Don’t just start correcting her, always admire her in any way you can, because this is one of the things that makes a girl happy. So if you are looking for how to impress a girl then know that this is one way for you to start doing so, because is one of the things that makes girls happy.

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  1. Showing Concern

Now on this side of talk, you need to understand something too about human being in general not just girls. Okay let say that you now as person will you continue or love to stay with a person who don’t show any concern or care about you. This same way if you love a girl try to how her that you love her, try always show your concern about her and things that she do. Try to do things to make her know that you care, try to also talk to here and make her know that you are concern and always worry about her and things that she is doing. If you are doing so, you will see that you will always be the first she will always love to talk to and seek advice from. She will always love to talk to you anytime she is troubled and worried on any issue. So show your love, concern and care to her because that is what women want in a man. So learn to do that to the woman that you want to win her true love because she will never forget you.

  1. Praising Her

There is something I also want you to know or understand here. If you really care on how to impress a girl and you are not ready to always praise her not admiring her. By praising her I mean in anything she do, let say that she cook food now for you, try to praise her and say that the food is very sweet and delicious. In fact praising and eating any food that she cook for you, is part of the things that makes girls happy. The truth about women is that is pains them most when they cook for you as their man and you don’t appreciate it or eat it. There is nothing that hurt them most than this and that time you will see them feeling sad. So I advise you to learn to praise your woman not just in the food she cook but in things she do because doing so makes women happy.

  1. Cook For Her

Don’t just also praise her on the food she cook, try to at times cook for her if you can, because this is also what women want from a man too. So try to at times cook for your girl or you enter in the kitchen with her. If you form this habit or do this, you will see that your girl will forever love and cherish you. Don’t you know that as a man that you are, there are things that you will do to girl and she will never forget that even if you later don’t marry her, that memory will always be with her and in her heart till she die, so don’t feel shy and big because is part of one way express to her heart. Sp do it for her, or you stop asking how to impress a girl because this is also how to do that, especially if she is your wife.

  1. Love Gift

If you look at what I say, I said “Love Gift”. If you want to impress any girl or woman learn to give her gift and not just gift but love gift that she will always have each time with her. What I mean by love gift is this, don’t buy a gift that she will eat but try to buy gifts that she will always have with her to remember you. Do you know that girl can easily forget you if you don’t do so, because girls value gift that contribute to their beauty or any decoration in their room. So learn that and know the kind of gift you are giving to any girl, because it matters a lot.

  1. Trust And Listen to Her

What women want from a man is trust too, because only if you as a man trust her you will do everything for her. Let me tell you something and which is the truth. If you don’t trust your woman, weather is your wife or girlfriend, she will not   be happy and will always be afraid of you or afraid to do some actions or things because she know that you don’t trust her and if something went wrong you will blame her. And believe if your woman is to be ask question you will notice that she is not happy. The trust is that if you are searching for how to impress a girl and you are the kind of person that don’t trust or listen to your woman then know that there is no need for you doing so because is only with trust will you do others. So for you to make her happy learn to trust and listen to her.

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  1. Know Her Likes and Dislikes

Know what your woman love most and things that she hate most. After knowing all these, Try  be doing those things she love doing, try at times to be doing it with her if possible because only when you are doing so will you get her heart and love fully. See let me also tell you something about women, if you want to get a girl’s heart fully, then try to target and know those things that she love doing, then after knowing them try to do them with her. One truth about this is that when you are doing this and also avoid doing things that she love doing, you may get to melt her heart and even kiss or make love with her during that time and that type of memory will be hard for her to forget.


  1. Spending Time with Her

The truth about this is that if you truly love someone you will always love to be with that person. So for you to prove that you love and care for her I advice you make out time to be with her. Do you know that you will only know the heart of a girl only when you make out time to spend with her, let say that if you are staying with her always you get to know when she needs you and when her heart is troubles. So if you want to know how to impress a girl or what women want, the best thing to do is to make out time to be with her. When you are with her or spending time with her you, only then will you know what she likes and dislikes, only then you will know her heart and what is troubling her heart. And when you know all this you will get know how to help or advice her and believe me when you start doing so, she will then develop more love and concern to you. So make out time to spend with her now.

  1. Prove to her that She is Important or that You Value Her

This is another thing you need to do if you really care or want her to know that you love her. Don’t just say it with your mouth or inside the rooms or close door. Prove it to her for her to see, how can you say that you value or that she is important to you, when all you care about is your job or business. If you love her and value her make the time when there is no time, provide for her, treat her like you have no other person that matters except her.

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  1. Defend Her

The same way you prove that she is important to you also prove it by defending her. Let say that you find her in a case or problem, first defend her outside and then you come inside and ask her to explain to you, or maybe you heard something about her that is bad, the best thing to do is to first defend your love and stand by her, then if you come inside you ask her, because she may have her reason. So always defend her at all cost before anything else.

  1. Appreciate Her

If your woman, do something for you, try to appreciate her well and show a good signs that you value that so well because doing so will make her more happy. In fact if you are the type that always show signs of appreciation on anything that your wife or woman do for you. Then you will notice that she will always do things and also look for things to do that will make you happy. So try to show signs of appreciation, because apart from the fact that she is your girlfriend or your woman, if someone do something for you and you don’t appreciate it, what do you think the person will do, talk more  of the person you said that you love.

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  1. Be funny And Have Less Anger

If you can try to be a funny person and also try not to get angry in any issue or anything that your woman does, then know that you are putting a big and unforgettable memory in her. See let me tell you something women love a man that is funny, or let say that you are the type of guy that always make her laugh without making her cry always. So if you are this kind of person or can try to be this type of person, then know that she will always love you without having mind to let you go. So be funny and never get angry on her easily if you really care about her.

  1. Pet Her And Also Call Her Petting Names

 I want you to understand something here. Women’s heart are like the heart of children that love to be pet by their parents. So that same way women love to see you pet them and also call her petting names like sweetheart, my angel and so many other sweet names, so please try to call her by those names if you really want to fully win her heart.

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All these I said above is how to impress a girl or what women want to see in the life a man who they love. So if you love your woman or that you want your woman to be happy with you then I advice that you try to do all these. There is something that is said that women are move by what they hear. So if they are move by what they hear, now what about you saying it and also putting it in action. Think well about it if and do so if you want to win her one true love.

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