How To Get Over A Guy

how to get over a guy
how to get over a guy
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Relationship feels very nice and adorable, but when it comes to a situation that you cannot handle, you need to call it off to avoid regrets. So if you are looking for a way by which you can get over your guy, relax and read this article for we are going to write on it now below. “How To Get Over A Guy”

Getting over someone you love takes time, and a lot of time if it’s done in an appropriate manner. Sometimes it takes months, even years, for that pain to be forgotten completely, so it depends on the individual.

Getting over someone fast isn’t easy, it takes resolve. Once you give yourself time to mourn your relationship you need to pick yourself up and keep on living. So for you to achieve that, you are to go through these tips listed below in order to understand how to go about it.

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How to get over a guy


1. Accept that he is not the best man for you.

Accepting that he is not the best man for you is the number one key to a strong heart. If you can give yourself that thought that he isn’t the best man for you, you can achieve your goals fast. So you can first convince yourself that the best is about to come to your way. Especially when you know that you have done nothing wrong.
To achieve that, first calculate what you have missed for long all the while you have been with him and what you have sacrificed for him which he never considered good, after checking everything, then you will be convinced within you that he is not the best guy for you.

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2. Do not take it personal.

Do not take it personal on yourself, try to accept that you cannot do anything to stop him especially if his mind is made up. You shouldn’t blame anyone for it, you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. Do not punish yourself or your loved ones just because he left you(I.e. transfer of aggression).
To achieve that, tell yourself that whatever is bound to happen must surely happen. Free yourself from all those unnecessary pain and thoughts of him all time. I didn’t say that you shouldn’t cry nor be sad, but with the thought of that and depriving yourself happiness is the worst thing you can do to yourself.


3. Be free from his social media.

If you are truly ready to get over him, you must also be ready to stop following him in his social media, like Instagram and others. Do not always check his current posting or any activities of him in his social media for it will continue to be distorting your wound to heal all the time. To be free from that heartbrake, you should be cleared from his social media.

“How To Get Over A Guy”

4. Stop communicating with him.

For you to get over him, you should try to end every communication you have with him at all cost. Do not visit him or go on a direction that you know he will be there. If it’s possible you can change your mobile number or you can avoid his calls and chats if you cannot change your cell phone number. There is no how you will get over him if you are not ready to give up on calling and visiting him if he invites you over. Seeing him will always remind you of your past with him and it may not be good for you, since you are trying to get over him.


5. Don’t blame yourself.

When you find out that a guy doesn’t care about you the way you care about him, it can be easy to look at yourself and find fault. Blaming yourself however is not the way to move forward, and it will only make you feel worse.
Instead of feeling like if there is something wrong with you that could have or should be fixed, push these negative thoughts aside. Reassert your control by dismissing him, since he does not care about you. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want you, and if they don’t want you it is not your problem. A successful relationship is based on mutual affection, and when the other person doesn’t feel that way the relationship is not worth your time and energy, so be wise. Blaming yourself of the cause of that brake up will never help you to get over him. But accepting that he is not meant to be with you will always give you courage and strength to fight that pain of heartbreak thereby making you to be free from all pain.


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6. Be patient.

Being patient on yourself will help you think appropriately on how to go about it, but being impatient can only lead you to make some certain mistakes that you may regret doing tomorrow.
Although you may feel frustrated that it’s taking time to get over someone, avoid being hard on yourself. Demanding that you move on quickly can make you feel worse and if will make you feel more pain.
Wanting it so bad is never a good idea and can never be one. So take time and give yourself some space.


7. Don’t do anything that will implicate you.

For instance, you should not because he dumped you or you dumped him and decided to be engaging yourself in an unhealthy activities just to be happy. I bet you that such thing that you call happiness is never one and can lead you to trouble and regrets tomorrow.
When you are trying to get over someone, it can be tempting to cope with your situation by engaging in unhealthy activities such as drinking, drug use, or casual sex. Although these behaviors might seem to provide temporary relief, they can be destructive and will not help you move forward with your life in a positive manner.
If you are resorting to drugs, drinking, casual sex, or other destructive behaviors to cope, it’s a good time to contact a counselor or therapist who can help you find a more effective ways to get over a guy.

“How To Get Over A Guy”

8. Change your lifestyle.

Make a few new friends and a positive ones who can contribute to your greatness in life.
Take time to know what you are doing before that is not good, and change to a better one, but make sure that it’s a positive change that will help bring the best in you.
Take good care of yourself and take time to do some make-up and make sure to always appear neat and attracting all the time. Play with some other friends and make yourself happy. Hang out with them and do not stay too long outside.

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9. Find things you hate about him.

Remember all the bad things about him, what you hate about him. Let all the bad memories feels your thoughts so that you can be easy to forget him easily. But if you always remembers all the good things about him, you will always be emotional . And your feelings will always be hunting you.


10. Let it go and move on.

Let it go free your heart and accept that the relationship has ended. Do not give your mind on to empty hope that you can fight for it. You can only fight for a relationship that is worth staying not that one that is not worth staying at all. A relationship that you guys are eager to improve and not being a one sided fight, so be wise.

Following all these steps can definitely help you to get over him sooner. Drop your comments if you have any.

“How To Get Over A Guy”

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