How to get over a crush

How to get over a crush
How to get over a crush

To get over a crush has to do with personal decision and determination to do it, maybe your crush doesn’t love you back or maybe he or she is seeing someone else, and you want to end the feelings to move on with your life. so if you are looking for a way to get over a crush and you are indeed curious on knowing it, relax for it’s very simple if you can follow these steps that we are about to give you now. “How to get over a crush”

Getting over a crush is in many ways which are listed below, carefully read and understand it.


How to get over a crush


  1. Make new friends.

Spending time with your new friends will actually help you in getting over your crush. Do you really want to get over your crush, you should also try making new friends so that the thought of being heartbroken from the person you love, but was unable to love you back will be gradually elapse.

“How to get over a crush”

  1. Be yourself.

Be yourself simply means that you should be the real person you are, do not force yourself on the person that does not love you. If your crush is unable to notice you, then be yourself. Be the best of your kind and always do something new with yourself. Take good care of yourself and be happy all the time. Take time to always beautify yourself at least to feel loved by yourself and other people around you.

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“How to get over a crush”

  1. Spill out your pain to someone.

Share with your closed ones your feelings so that it can be easy for you to forget those feelings. Always remember that in some situation that it is better to share your problems to the person close to you than to be dying in it without sharing it with someone.

“How to get over a crush”

4.Avoid becoming bitter.

Demonizing your crush might help you get over it in a short period, here’s the problem: thinking about how much you hate someone is still a way of obsessing over them. Don’t make someone else responsible for your happiness, no one holds your happiness. Sure, maybe your crush didn’t respond to your affections like you had hoped. Maybe they even made it worse by teasing you or flirting with you, knowing full well how you feel. But in anything that had happened, the only person in charge in making you happy is yourself. You’re responsible for taking yourself out of a bad situation and moving forward, so don’t hold your crush accountable for making you miserable.

Try to build a spirit of being happy when the people you like are happy.



  1. Acknowledge defeat.

Maybe the person that you’re crushing on is already in another relationship, or maybe distance has separated you two, or the other person doesn’t even know how you feel, and you’re unable to say it. Whatever the reason maybe, you have to accept that there’s an obstacle in your path, and that you’re choosing to walk away from it.

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Don’t take this as personal failure. The fact that you can’t be with your crush has nothing to do with your inherent self-worth. Relationships don’t work out for a multitude of reasons, and most of them are problems that can’t be changed or improved. Always remember that any relationship that is worth staying will surely stay. Understand that some things are beyond your control. “How to get over a crush”

Accept the things about yourself that prevented them from having feelings for you. Accept that perhaps you just weren’t compatible. Be open to correcting flaws in yourself if you want to improve your chances next time, but make sure not to confuse flaws with differences. Bad hygiene is a flaw, and something you can fix it.

Avoid becoming embarrassingly stubborn. It might go deeply against your brain to admit that you can’t do anything, and in most situations perseverance is an admirable trait. There are times, though, when perseverance morphs into desperation and stupidity. Chasing an impossible crush is one of those times. Let it go of those ones that refused to stay and welcome new ones.



Thanks for reading and understanding, we wish you luck as you embark on your journey of getting over your crush. Drop your comments if you have any.

“How to get over a crush”

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