How To Get Him To Propose

Getting a man to propose has been a problem that many girls are facing currently. But that should not be a problem for you as a woman because it all simple and I will take my time now to explain it all to you in a way that you will understand. So relax for today I will not only give you hint on how to make a man propose to you but am also going to show you things that a man loves so much from a woman and of which can easily make him propose even without you getting to make him submit. So relax let me explain all well to you in a way that you will understand. First, we are starting on how to make him propose.


What to check before getting him to propose to you.


1. Make sure your man is ready for marriage

Don’t just go straight and start doing things that will make him propose to you without checking first if he is prepared for the wedding. You have to check if everything about him is truly ready and not just going to make him propose. So here are things you should check before looking for how to get him to offer.
• Is he financial okay
• Is he mature in the brain for marriage.
• Are his friends getting married.
• Do he love marriage discussions.
• What is his views about marriage.
Now if you consider all these finish you can now go-ahead also to check if you are the one he has on the mind.


2. Check on Signs he will marry you

Another thing you should check is this, “If he is ready for marriage, am I the one?” After asking yourself these questions, you can answer it with signs I listed below for you to confirm if you are in his mind for marriage.
• Did he present you well or as just a girlfriend?
• Did he includes you in his future?
• When he talks does he use the word “WE”.
• Have he introduced you to his people?
• Is he telling you out to every serious event that he is invited to?
All these above are the things you should check before getting him to propose to you. And if after checking all these you noticed that he is ready, but you are not the one in his mind for marriage then here is what you do to make yourself the No.1 in his mind for the wedding.


3. How to make yourself the number only in his mind for marriage

Making yourself the number one in his marriage plans is not hard; all you need to do is to check on a few things and act with those things. Now here are what to do.
• Try first to understand his kind of man and the things that he loves most.
• Avoid those things that he hates so much and do only the things that he loves most.
• Try to make sure you take good care of your body in other to attract him and make him love you.
• Don’t act arrogant in front of him.
• Make sure you are not lazy.
• Keep his house clean.
• Wash his clothes for him
• Cook for him, and learn his favourite dishes and also cook it for him. Because it is said that a way to a man’s heart is through food and it’s true.
• Don’t pretend because if you do he may get the feelings and become uncomfortable with you.
• Love his friends and family.
• Spoil him with gifts, especially those small things you know that he may find it hard to buy for himself because he doesn’t easily remember them.
• Appreciate him on any little thing he does for you.
• Show him with your character that you can be that good wife he needs.
There are many ways to show a man he can love and trust you only, but these are the key things you should do in other to make him love you. So if after doing all these you can now go to the things to do for you to make your man propose to you.


How to get him to propose

Now I want you to understand that getting your man to propose to you is different from making him love you only. Because many things can stop or prevent a man from submitting to a woman like some men find it hard to tell a girl that he wants to marry her. So no matter what will be the reason for your man or what is preventing him from telling you, this is what to do.

1. Talk about your friends who have married or any wedding that you attended.

What I mean in this, is something like talking about how they are living in their families and how their wedding was. Just bring it up to him and tell him more about it and how the whole event took place.

2. Tell him how you would like your own to be.

As you are telling him about how your friend’s wedding was, use the opportunity also to say to him the things you wish that will happen on that day and the kind of people you will like to involve. But be careful when saying to avoid scaring him away with money, it will be better if you can even say anything that doesn’t include money for you to be at the safer side.

3. Tell him the year and age you wish to get married.

Try to also talk about the age and year that you have ever wished that you will marry. And how you will feel if you marry at that age, especially if the period has not passed, but if it has given you can just tell him like that.

4. Give him a hint that you want him to propose and marry you.

You can give him a hint that you have always been waiting for him to propose or to get married to him, by telling him that you wish if this your current relationship with him will last forever or lead to marriage. Tell him that you want to to be his wife but is not in your hand to do that but in the hands of God and him. With these words, you have given him a hint that you want him to propose to you.

5. Propose to him if you can (Not recommended)

You can do this if you think that you have tried all the way you can, but I don’t recommend it although we are in the 21st century, I don’t advice on it because it makes most men stop valuing a woman and also to see her as a desperate woman. That is why I don’t recommend it.


Things to avoid when getting a guy to propose to you.

Things to avoid when getting a guy to propose to you

1. Showing him, you are desperate to marry him.
2. Pressuring him about getting married.
3. Giving him a mandate.
4. Forcing him to propose or marry you.
5. Depriving him your love and care because you want him to propose or marry you.


How to know he will propose soon.

How to know he will propose soon

These are the things that you will see in your man character, and you will say YES he will propose to me anytime soon. Or you will know if you are the one he had in mind to marry.

  1. If he wants to propose or have you in mind as his wife, he will introduce you to his family. He will make some members of his family know about you.
  2. He will take you to every serious event that he is to attend. I don’t mean anything like parties or clubs but to the right occasions.
  3. You will have access to his house.
  4. He will allow you to make use of his personal belongings.
  5. He will always love to spend time with you.
  6. There will be a severe increase in communication between both of you.
  7. He will include you in his plans for the future. If he always uses the word “WE” when discussing the future or when making plans, he has you in mind.
  8. He will make you understand his ideas and dreams.


Things that make men propose to a lady.

Things that make men propose to a lady

Sometimes you may not know that the man you are dating is looking at some of your characters and behaviour towards people and him. That is why I decided to let you know about the things a man can see in you and will quickly love to propose to you.

  1. The way you cook. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is food. No man will love to marry a woman who doesn’t know how to cook, and she is not also ready to bend down and learn how to cook.
  2. He will like to know what his friends think about you. If you are the type that chases his friends out each time, they visit then you are also making a huge mistake.
  3. The way you talk to people or treat people. I don’t just mean people around him but also those you meet outside and those who are not in the same class or level with you.
  4. The way you treat him and talk to him matters a lot if you want him to choose him.
  5. Do you listen to him? Do you understand him? All these are what a man. Do try to make sure you don’t fall to this, and you will surely get him.


I hope all these above explain things well to you, but if you still have more questions or something confusing, you can drop your comment below or ask your questions on our forum. Thanks

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