Steps On How To Get Her Easily

how get her

How to get her

Girls are very beautiful beings created by God to help us out so if you want to get one of them follow this steps and she will be all yours.

  • Always try to ignore her. The first time you meet some girls especially the ones that don’t love you or you haven’t meet before, she will behave or act as someone that is hard to get but that doesn’t mean she hate you that much or that she despise you, all it means is that she is trying to be sure about you or she is afraid of you because she just meet you and can’t just fall for you like that so she will try to be sure that she is not making a mistake. If it’s the one that has a boyfriend then know that she is trying not to hurt that her guy or make a mistake of leaving him for you who she is not sure about your plans and intentions towards her, so is now left for you to give the girl reason to be with you or trust you. this is the first step you need to take because this is how to get her easily

how to get her

  • Continue your actions or move. Sometimes she will shout and act as if she is mad with you but all you need to do is to continue your moves, remember you just met the lady and she will try to play hard to get or behave as if you are nothing, some girls may even treat you as if you are a fool but don’t give up instead you try more harder and continue your moves toward the woman.
  • Be gentle. Try to be gentle with your words and speak more innocent to the girl than ever, remember girls have soft heart and they easily listen to their friends advice, so you need to continue and always try to be gentle when following her especially when she is with friends try to be even more than gentle because you are the one begging for her love and definitely she must fall for you.
  • Be mad or sound harsh at times. Just the way they have soft heart you also need to act harsh or mad at times because you will need to do as if you don’t care but inside you, although is not true in your heart but you need to do that to know how she feels but don’t over react oh so you don’t spoil everything, remember don’t try this method the first day just be gentle and caring first before you act this one and do it when the situation arise that you think that needs a harsh voice pretend and don’t take it serious doing so.
  • Help the lady solve pretense. Women pretend a lot but trust me when you notice she pretend try to force or beg her the way you can, that will make any girl never to resist you no matter what, remember this ‘try everything possible to get her’, so don’t miss that chance because this also how to get her easily too.
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how get her

  • Try to assist or help her. Many guys think that assist here is in terms of money only but is not just that try to advice her and comfort her when she is sad or feel she is been used or taking for granted try to help her solve issues arising in her and listen to the girl problems to solve the one you can help her with.
  • Gift.Trust me this still work well, try to give her gift the way you can, it must not be expensive or costly but that little one you have she will appreciate only a foolish girl reject gift and insult you in public and if you find that type and still want her know that you have to endure it and still continue doing your best because surely she must fall.
  • Be the first she thinks. Make yourself to be the first she thinks when she is scared or when she is in problem or confuse and needs an answer to a particular problem because when she ask what do you think? Don’t answer that with question but try to answer her a reasonable and hopeful answer because she is confuse and needs directions and if you give her that encouragement and good answer that she needs then you are making your way closer to her heart but when you fail to do so then you are making a mistake.
  • Be Open/Bold. I intentionally put this last, I know many will say is the first but I put it last for you never to forget this because this is the main engine of it all, how can you be in love with a girl and do everything to her but haven’t tell her your mind or what you want from her and if she move or fall for another guy you will say she broke your heart when you are the one who caused the heart break for yourself, be bold and open up to her what you want from her and not confusing her with your actions. Don’t try to assume on this one instead be plain and make her know what your plans towards her is, even if she talks or react somehow ignore it then and follow this steps you must surely get her.
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Good Luck I hope this helps you out, please comment more steps on how to get her to help out

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