How to get a guy to kiss you

How to get a guy to kiss you
How to get a guy to kiss you
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To get a guy to kiss you, there are thousands of things in which you can do to draw him closer to yourself and at the same time kissing you. If you are interested and have been looking for a way to get a guy to kiss you, just know that you are in the right place for we will be writing on this particular topic with so many steps on how to do that, make sure you understand as you read. “How to get a guy to kiss you”


How to get a guy to kiss you


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  • You will first of all, make sure that your appearance is so tempting. Not that you will be naked, but you have to dress perfectly sexy in a way that he will easily get attracted to you on the spot.

Once your appearance is good and sexy just know that you have pass the number one step and now we will move to the second step.


  • Maintain an accurate step. Make sure to build a good walking posture that will add to your dressing.

You should try walking majestically, an angelic step that will hold his eyes for as long as you walk, for you to know that men are moved with what they see and not what they hear.

You should make sure that your walking step is excellent doing that it will correspond to your attire.

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  • Engage him in a conversation. Once you passed the first and second stage, it will be easier for you to engage him in a little conversation since his attention is already on you.

You should make sure that you smile continuously while discussing with him in some topics that deals with life and relationship, a conversation that is a little bit emotional so that his emotions will rise towards you. “How to get a guy to kiss you”


  • Maintain an eye contact. When you must have engaged him in that conversation, do not forget to keep an eye contact with a slight smile on your face so as to make the emotions and your attraction strong.

Your eyes should be traveling in all dimensions of his eyes and whole body and he will have no reason to withstand those looks and it will keep him higher and he won’t realize what is going on your mind.

Do not make it too obvious, just pretend as if nothing is happening, do as if you are having an innocent conversation, just keep your motive at your pace and concentrate in working him up.


  • When you have passed the fourth step, then you should move to the next one by drawing a little closer to him without his notice, and do that with some smile on your face as if his conversation is making you crazy and funny.

While coming closer try placing your palm in his laps as a support as if you are falling. Be softly touching him while the conversation is going on, I don’t mean romancing him.

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Do not hesitate to welcome any touch from him and always be ready to grab any little opportunity he drops for you.


  • Try making a very close contact of your face towards his. Let it be as if you are anxious about knowing something from him, you ask a funny question and face him directly and very close with a smiling face and your palm on his laps. He cannot resist the urge that a very attracting lady, dressed so sexy is in front of him so happy and willing, he must respond to the stimuli. “How to get a guy to kiss you”


  • If he does not have the courage to kiss you first, you should go first, but you can say “am sorry, I was just carried away” he will draw you closer once again by himself and kiss you by himself without any questions.


  • But if he is very tough maybe because he doesn’t have the courage or he is shy to do that, just tell him that you want him to kiss you. Hearing that from you must move him and he shall automatically kiss you immediately if his interested.


In Conclusion.

How to get a guy to kiss you has to do with so many approaches which we have listed about above. So we believed that you are able to grab something out of it. Drop your comments if you have any.


“How to get a guy to kiss you”

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