How to get a guy to ask you out

How to get a guy to ask you out
How to get a guy to ask you out

Do you have that guy on your mind? Are you troubled on what to do to get him? Well relax and read carefully the things that you need to do for you to get him. So just relax because with this tips he will get to ask you out one day. So let me not waste much of your time and explain the things that you need to do for you to make him to ask you out. “How to get a guy to ask you out”


How to get a guy to ask you out


  • Invite him on a party.

If there is a party that you like and wish to go, you can invite him to go with you. Because it’s a way of showing him a sign of what you want from him.


  • Ask him about his weekend plans.

Call him during weekdays and ask him for his plan during the weekend, also tell him your plans too. If by chance he happens to tell you that he is going to a party too any time. Try to know if there is a way to indirectly let him know that you wish to go with him, he may understand and ask you to come over and go with him.

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  • Follow up on a chat with him.

If he chat you up, reply fast and don’t make the chat dull. Because by doing so you are indirectly sending a message to his mind and of which he can easily understand. “How to get a guy to ask you out”


  • Laugh at loud during conversation.

When having a conversation with him try to smile and laugh out loud. Just try to do it in a way to show him that you are happy to be with him and also comfortable. Doing so will make him feel more relaxed and will easily and freely ask you out.

How to get a guy to ask you out
How to get a guy to ask you out
  • Hangout to places he visits.

Hanging out to places he visits, will always make him have you in mind and will love to ask you out one day. So try to know places he visits and also go there often.


  • Advice and help him.

This is very important to try out, because doing so will make the guy to always think about you and have you in his mind. It will make him to first think of you when he needs advice. And one day he will open up to you.


  • Buy him gifts.

Guys do love and value gifts. So buying gifts for him is also part of the way of asking him out. It must not be expensive things but small things that you know a guy might find it hard to buy for himself. “How to get a guy to ask you out”


  • Engage him in deep conversation.

During conversation between you two try to make it a very deep one. Engage him more in the discussion, tell him more about you and also ask him more about himself, because the more you do so, you are indirectly asking him to take you out.

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  • Be jovial and Friendly.

Try to be free and make yourself someone that is easy to talk to, so that he can be free to talk to you. The more free and friendly you are, it will help him to talk to you.


  • The way you dress.

Dressing neat and attractive is a good way to start. Don’t expect to get him to ask you out easily, if you are not neat and attractive, guys love their girl to look sharp. “How to get a guy to ask you out”


  • Be bold.

You need to stop being shy if you have such personality, because it won’t help you at this time but instead try to be bold, so that you can be able to do all these.


  • Be yourself.

Pretending to him now is not a good thing. It’s not even good to hide your true identity from a man. So be yourself for doing so will easily get him.



Asking a man to take you out can easily be achieved if you follow these steps or the things that I have listed above, but not because you are asking him out and forget about your dignity and respect as a woman. Because doing so won’t make him fall but may make you to end up to be used by him. So please be very careful. Thanks

“How to get a guy to ask you out”

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