How to get a girl’s attention

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl's attention

Are you looking for how to get ladies to love you more and have interest on you or in dating you? No matter what is it, I will show you today how you can easily get a girl’s attention towards you. How you can attract ladies more to yourself. So without wasting much time let me go straight to the things you need to do for you to easily attract ladies. “How to get a girl’s attention”


How to get a girl’s attention


  1. Your mode of dressing.

The way you dress matters a lot. Since you are looking for a girl’s attention towards you. Do it better like you change the way you dress and the kind of clothes that you put on, to look more sharp and attractive.


  1. How neat you always look.

Ladies love guys who are neat, don’t just wear good and expensive clothes without been neat. Make your body and apartment to be neat in case if any of them visits you.


  1. How smart and intelligent you are.

The smarter you are the more you attract ladies. Because it is very hard to see a girl who can love a guy who is not smart but dull. So don’t be that dull guy instead be that smart and intelligent guy, and you will see how girls will be all over you. “How to get a girl’s attention”

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  1. How funny you are.

There is no doubt that funny guys are always wining the heart of ladies. No woman hates a guy who can always make her smile and laugh. It makes girls to easily start thinking about the guy. So for you to get their attention, you need to be a funny guy.

How to get a girl's attention
How to get a girl’s attention
  1. How hardworking you are.

Ladies love seeing and staying with guys who are hard working and focused. Because women believe that a hard-working man can take good care of them. So if you are hardworking expect girls to be around you.


  1. Be bold.

If you are not bold, then forget it for ladies love their man to always stand up for them to defend and protect them. So you need to be bold enough to convince them and you will surely see girls around you. “How to get a girl’s attention”


  1. Don’t be stingy.

Are you the type that is known as that stingy guy, then forget about attracting ladies because women love guys who give things out freely. So don’t be a stingy guy if you want girls to be around you, but don’t do it stupidly.


  1. Pet and care.

If you are the type that always pet, care about any girl and also treat the person as if she is special to you, then know that ladies will be around you because that is also one of the things women love most from a guy. Girls love guys who pet, care and have concern for them even when she is not your girlfriend. Treating women that way will make them to start loving you and will be looking for how to be with you.

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  1. Respect women.

This is very important because you can’t be looking for ladies attention if you don’t show respect to their gender. Treat girls as if they worth more than diamond respect them and don’t shout at her, and you will see how she will fall in love with you without you asking.



For you to attract a girl you must learn how to be loyal, neat, smart and respect them. Never have you shouted at a girl in public no matter who she is to you. Never have you taken any girl for granted if you want them around. Give out freely and you will see them chasing you around.

Be hardworking and you will see them around you, because they don’t want to suffer, but instead love to enjoy, due to that they love hardworking men who can take good care of them and also provide their needs.


Now over to you on own contribution and suggestions on this topic, lets know that on the comment section.

“How to get a girl’s attention”

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