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How to get a girl to love you

how to get a girl to love you
how to get a girl to love you

To get a girl to love you, you need to follow every steps that we are writing on for it will give you the fastest guidelines on how to do them. So read carefully and understand it. And know that , it is not an easy task to win a girl’s heart. So you should be determined and consistent in what ever you are doing, do not rush things. For what is meant to be will be no matter what just focus. “How to get a girl to love you”

How to get a girl to love you


1. Watch your outfits.

Always know the attire that suits you. Dress appropriately and look gently. Do don’t dress too heavy or too simple, always watch what ever you are putting on. Girls like it when a guy appears neat and cute even without money. The little you have, make it look neat and better so that your appearance will be astonishing.

2. Forget pride.

If you really want to get a girl to love you, you should try and avoid pride, because girls hate it when a guy is being too proud of himself. Too much pride in every words you speak, there is a very big gap between pride and swag make sure this gets into your head. Swag magnet girls to you while pride can make them hate you.

3. Be yourself.

Don’t claim to be what you are not. Do not imitate anyone instead bring the best out from you and act accordingly. Be a man of principle not just a man. Girls like it when a guy behaves maturely, not guys that behaves as if they are the best, such guys will end up in the hands of those that will just eat their money and run away. “How to get a girl to love you”

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4. Be friendly.

For a girl to love you, being friendly is needed, be someone that people can interact with, so that she won’t be scared of you. Do not be such guys who are too mean. Free yourself and welcome jokes for easy interaction. Be someone that she can play without fear of being harassed. Not that she will be playing with you like tossing you like a fool, No. I mean being an easy going person .

5. Get her to notice you.

Take it slow and steady, never you rush her for any reason. Just try to be coming closer to her gradually and be doing things that will impress her. It needs a lot of work but you should not give up no matter how, unless you don’t really like her. Help her out even if she didn’t invite you to do so. If she leaves next to your street or anywhere close or far. Try taking time to pass through her side so that she can notice you. And make sure you sees her and you too greet, even if it’s just greeting.

6. Encourage her.

Always support her and encourage her especially when she is in hard times. Make her understand how important it is to win a battle. Give her maximum support for that will make her remember you any day any time, provided that she is alive. Do something that will make her praise you. But don’t act stupid. Advice her if there’s need for it. Do not say, it doesn’t concern you, it concerns you, whether you like it or not. Unless you are not for real. “How to get a girl to love you”

7. Give her listening ear.

Do not be selfish, like focusing on just to Scott her without trying to give her your attention, to listen to whatever she has to say. Listen to her stories, no matter how she may start it, and don’t judge her after that. Spend time with her in order to understand her thoughts and emotions. Pick some meaning in her words even if she talks too much. Do not be fade up of her words instead put interest in it and enjoy every moves of her. She will definitely love you for that it’s a sure bet.

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8. Show her how lovable you can be.

Give her gifts especially in some memorable events, like birthday party, Valentine and any other days, just to keep affection going. Don’t give more than you can afford. Give her as much or as little as you can afford. What matters is that you remembered her. And don’t tell her that you love her yet till you gain her heart. But do that immediately she gives you a positive light. Be polite and loving but do not be harsh.

9. Figure out her likes and dislikes.

Try to know what she likes best and never you add the ones that she hates.
For instance. If you are crushing on a church girl, a girl that likes going to church, just try to be a nice guy. And sometimes try to follow her to church. Walk along with her and make sure you pay much attention to what the priest is saying in church . Be the first to start on a positive argument from the preaching, it will definitely got her attention full time. “How to get a girl to love you”

10. Ask her out on a date.

Go on a date with her, and don’t forget not to tell her before time. Do not confess your love yet until you are able to win her over. Go on an open date with her and be free with her. Allow her to make her own choice. Don’t place only your orders. Not that it must be in an expensive place, even if it’s just a stroll, but let it be as it’s a date. Buy her something that you can afford.

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11. Respect her decision and feelings.

Try to see things from her point of view. Show her you appreciate her opinions, even if you don’t like them. It helps to ask her about these things, rather than making assumptions. When she talks to you about her thoughts or feelings, listen. And if you don’t understand, try asking her to explain and never forget to do that with a lovely manner.

12. Study her body language.

Study her and observe her sad and happy moments. Know when she likes to be left alone and when she needed a companion. Some guys fail it when they will see that a girl is not happy, but instead of them to try in making the girl happy by funny words or jokes that will at least make her smile. They won’t do that instead they will go straight in making their move on how to make her fall in love with them. If you are that type, note that she won’t fall in love with you, instead you will fall on the ground when she will insult you .

“How to get a girl to love you”

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