How To Fight Your Way Into A Healthier Relationship

How To Fight Your Way Into A Healthier Relationship

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Healthy relationship gives peace of mind at all time. 

It is normal to experience conflict in a relationship but it’s abnormal to ignore the implications and fail to fix back what is damaged. Knowing that your relationship has lacked behind and wanting to fix it, is a good and better thing to do so as to maintain a healthy relationship.

To fight your way into a healthy relationship, these steps are what you shall  follow.

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How To Fight Your Way Into A Healthier Relationship


  • By taking full responsibility. 

Take full responsibility of what has happened. Do not ignore your work as a man or as a woman. Embrace your responsibility and put the best you can in it. Withdraw pride and shame, do not try to blame anyone for what happened, instead take the full responsibility and build your relationship again.

How To Fight Your Way Into A Healthier Relationship

  • Maintain intimacy and communication. 

Intimacy and communication is very important in building a healthier relationship. You should maintain the intimacy you had with your  partner and keep the communication strong and steady. Do not be afar from your partner no matter what happens, especially when you are the cause of the problem. Do not run away from your problems instead fix it yourself.

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  • Stay with the issue at hand. 

Stay with the issue at hand, do not digress from the topic, looking for who to blame on what happens. Face your crime and fix it amicably. Jumping from one side to another just to cover up what had happened or to justify yourself is the worst thing to do. Instead stay with that issue and tackle the issue calmly with your partner. Never you involve third party, because not everyone likes what you have, some may come to help you while their intentions are different from their actions. So be wise.


  • Open up to your partner about what you need.

There’s no how your partner will know what you want if you don’t say it out or express it in a way. Opening up to your partner on what you want and what you don’t want will help you finding your way into a healthy relationship. 


  • Restrain yourself from too much arguments. 

Too much arguments leads to conflicts and domestic violence. Avoid too much arguments, you can argue but do not lengthen it. Keep it slow and mild so as to be in control of your actions. Too much arguments brings unhealthy and toxic relationship, but avoiding it will give you what you want. 


  • Apply the method you use on the first year you met.

Sometimes, it is very necessary to to apply the method you used on winning your partner’s heart at that first year during this present period, because it will help to refresh his or her mind and that love will spack again in your relationship. 

How To Fight Your Way Into A Healthier Relationship

  • Change your pattern of approach. 

Your approaches sometimes may be the cause of your problems. Why not change your pattern of approach and mind how you make use of words on your partner.

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Those words might be just okay to you, but it might hurt your partner so much, be cautious of your words and how you make use of them.


  • Be romantic.

This issue is very important, it has ruin so many relationships and can even lead to cheating. So be romantic so as to win your partner’s heart again.

Flirt with your partner, use some romantic keys to reopen his or her heart again for a healthier relationship.


  • Accept when you’re wrong and apologize without delay. 

Accepting your mistakes and apologizing at the same time is very necessary.

Pride kills relationship, remove pride and accept your mistakes, ask for forgiveness and make sure that you are forgiven no matter how long it may take, don’t ever give up in asking.


  • Remove Anger.

Always remember that anger is a little madness, because what you will spoil when you’re angry will be greater than what causes your anger, so be wise.

How To Be A Better Partner


  • Take care of yourself.
  • Be in control of your actions.
  • Be happy and express your gratitude.
  • Make out time for each other.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Pay much attention to your partner.
  • Remove some policy and play together.
  • Be of a good conduct.


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