How To Do Penis Massage For Penis Enlargement

Today, in this article, we’re going to provide you with details on this issue, how to massage the penis to boost the penis. The penis is the single most vital area of the body. The majority of people suffer from problems with their penis being small when massaged properly and the penis growing larger. It is important to be aware of which is the best method to massage your penis, and what’s the incorrect way to do it? What oil do you need to massage your penis? For how many minutes should you massage the penis?

It is often the case that we start massaging our penis but because of the absence of change after a few days or simply because our penis isn’t thick enough it is a good idea to cease massaging the penis because of desperation. it requires time to make changes and for that, you will require patience since nothing changes quickly or over a few days, so there is no need to stop messages altogether.

If you feel your penis is tiny because of this, you are having a lot of problems when you are trying to establish physical relations and you are uncomfortable before your partner. You’re not able to please your partner when engaging in physical relationships and you are unable to have fun with sexual intimacy. If you’re not able to enjoy sex properly this will impact your marriage.

There are a variety of such medications and devices available on the market, that claim to expand the penis. However, the consumption of these medicines can lead to damage or infection to your when you are using medications or other machines you must invest a significant amount of money on your penis to achieve this however while doing so, it may cause damage to your body when it is massaged in your home, the penis will get in size and length naturally. As well as becoming stronger, your sex strength will also increase. This is an effective method to expand your penis.

How To Do Penis Massage For Penis Enlargement

What is the significance of penis massage? Why do penis massage?

There is a doubt that pops up in the minds of many who massage their penis will make the penis grow larger? If so, what is the reason to apply pressure to the penis? What is the best way to do it? how to go about it? What happens to the penis when it gets larger when you massage the penis then, friends take note first that the penis is composed of arteries as well as veins of blood that help to circulate blood in the penis. And if your blood cells weaken, If they are weak, then the issue of looseness of your penis as well as your diminution is a result. There are times when most people are prone to a pattern of sexual masturbation as well as excessive intimate relationships. Due to this, their penis becomes fragile and loose because there is a weakness within the nerves. Massage your penis regularly your penis is getting adequate nutrition, and the nerves that line your penis grow stronger and more sturdy, as a result of which the weakness present in your penis disappear and, due to massaging your penis, there is tension within the penis and the veins that are blocked open. The flow of blood to your penis begins to increase rapidly, resulting in the penis getting larger, denser and stronger.

Oil to massage the penis

Massage the penis you must use only pure, and not use any oil that is chemically infused. While there are a variety of oils that are available that claim to make your penis larger and denser, they’re laced with substances that may harm your body. If you purchase the oil at any place, first check it out thoroughly, and then only use it for massage of your penis.

A penis is a place where massages can increase the capacity of men to engage in sexual encounters with increasing age. He does not feel much pleasure when sexually active, so let us know what oil to use to massage the penis.

Olive and Cloves oil

Oil from olives and cloves: Olive oil strengthens the penis, and clove oil makes the penis strong

Massaging the penis with olive oil can make your penis grow larger and more powerful. To do this, you need to mix between 10 and 12 closed clove oils in one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix this mixture thoroughly and then apply it all over the remainder of the penis, except for the front portion which is the front part of your penis. If you combine the two oils and then apply them to the penis your penis expands and your penis grows strong and strong. The penis’s fate that is kept from being averted opens up and begins to increase the blood flow within the penis. This is the reason why all issues associated with gender are resolved.

Mustard Oil For Hair

Massage with mustard oil or desi ghee:

When you rub your penis with desi mustard oil or ghee, it will help in making your penis stronger and bigger because desi Ghee and mustard oil have nutrients that make the penis more powerful. It will make your body strong and strong. Desi ghee or mustard oil is extremely beneficial to your penis, however, it is essential to massage your penis correctly.

When massaging, it is important to gently massage in the direction you are massaging from top to bottom and be aware that your semen shouldn’t emerge while you massage. If you massage, the veins that have been blocked by your penis are opened and blood flow to your penis begins quickly, as the penis is comprised of blood vessels. If the penis is massaged, as a result, it is a nerve, it comes to life. Because of the speedy blood flow, the penis grows strong.

Ayurvedic oil

Method for producing Ayurvedic oil for massage?

If you massage your penis using Ayurvedic oils, this can give you the highest quality results. There is nothing to harm you in any way that is similar to Ayurvedic oil.

To do this, you need to mix Shatavari Ashwagandha, Koot, Jatamasi and Katehli flowers in equal quantities in milk. If you cook this mixture in oil. After coating it over the penis. the penis gets thicker. The application of Ayurvedic oil will increase long-lasting penis and enhances sexual energy. With this method, you will be able to enjoy sex for a longer duration while you take pleasure in sexual sex.

Honey, honey paste and others:

Making roasted honey into a paste by mixing honey with it. If you apply the mixture to the penis area, this will make your penis strong and strong. It solves all issues that you face with your penis. It grows tall, thick and sturdy.


Utilize cloves to enhance sexual power

Clove is an amazing method to boost sex power. This can be done by keeping one to two cloves within your mouth while chewing on it for a few seconds, then extracting its saliva, placing it on the front of your penis, and then applying it to the rest of the part, you can increase the power of sexual attraction and through this, you will be able to satisfy your partner and have sex.

How to do penis massage?

To make the penis grow larger and more powerful you must massage your penis. However, in the same way, it is crucial to learn the correct method to massage the penis. Based on the information provided in the previous paragraph, it is possible to apply any of these methods or oils to massage the penis.

The best method to massage the penis:

  1. First, cleanse your hands thoroughly and your penis using shampoo or body wash and dry it off with an absorbent cloth.
  2. Massage the oil on the penis with your hands, then apply the oil evenly on the penis.
  3. As you massage the penis, be sure to keep an eye on the fact that aside from the front portion of the penis, it is oil that is required to be applied to the other parts of the penis.
  4. After removing the front portion of the penis, grasp it in the lower part and gently massage it upwards with gentle hands. Don’t overdo it when massaging, since it could cause harm to you. It is essential to keep doing your massage for at least five minutes.
  5. If you feel tension when massaging, you should put it down for a bit and then repeat the massage.
  6. As you hold the penis in your middle and pull it up with gentle hands. However, keep in mind that when you pull it, you shouldn’t push it too hard as it could cause injury to you and cause you to get injured.
  7. If you have a habit of masturbating, then you should get rid of this habit as it weakens your penis and you need to do it while massaging your penis since if you do so it won’t make your penis larger and more powerful.
  8. If you are using olive oil to massage your penis, it is likely to prove to be very efficient, and you can also use mustard oil or desi-ghee for your penis. Each of these oils has medicinal properties that open your veins and regenerate them. The blood flows within your penis increases quickly. This is why your penis gets larger, longer, and thicker.
  9. If you’re looking to expand your penis, then you’ll require patience as changes will not occur immediately. You’ll have to wait for the change to take place. It is essential to continue doing the penis for at most two to three months. If you don’t feel any difference in the first days, you don’t have to stop doing massages because of this, as nothing happens instantly. To achieve this, you must remain patient.
  10. Massage the penis before going to go to bed at night. This is the ideal time to massage your penis. If you can wrap it up with a cloth that you massaged and then let it remain like that for about 30 minutes and then you may remove the cloth, or keep it in place as is.


  1. The ideal time to do a massage before getting ready to go to bed relaxes you and makes you grow bigger faster.
  2. When massaging, bear in your mind that you should not massage too vigorously as it may cause discomfort. In addition, remember that you should never be sitting on your stomach.
  3. One shouldn’t lie down when massaging.
  4. When massaging, bear in mind that your semen should not appear as it will take time to develop your penis.
  5. If you are prone to a pattern of masturbating, then you must leave this place as it weakens your penis. weaker.
  6. Penis massages should be performed when the penis is in an erect position.