How To Deal With Someone Who Wants To Destroy You

How To Deal With Someone Who Wants To Destroy You

A lot of people are out there wanting to destroy people’s lives. The major thing in this is to understand such people and then deal with them so that he or she will never think of destroying anyone in their entire life.

How to deal with someone who wants to destroy you is a very nice article that you need to go through carefully, so that you will be able to understand every step and how to tackle it to avoid mistakes. To deal with someone who wants to destroy you , you have follow these guidelines.


How To Deal With Someone Who Wants To Destroy You

1) Identify the person and the reason behind his or her actions.

This is number one way to deal with someone who wants to destroy you. Taking your time to identify the person will help to figure out how he or she looks like and how to carry on with your plans. To deal with the person, try to find out the reason behind his or her actions, so that you will be sure of what you are doing to avoid vesting your anger on a wrong person. This is because, he or she may want to destroy you because of the wrong information he nay have against you.

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So finding out the reason will make you know the actual reason you are determined to fight. It is important to fight rightly than to fight wrongly to avoid regrets.
Again, identifying the person and finding out the reason behind it will also give you more courage and seriousness to carry on your plans in dealing with them.

2) Draw courage and set a plan.

You have identified the person and also understood the reason behind his or her actions, you will now gather courage from it and set a very effective plan to deal with the person. Having motives in dealing with someone that wants to destroy you without having the courage to do it is of no use. That your motives will soon die if there’s no courage to carry on.

So, this is more reason you should draw more courage in doing the fight, then setting a plan will be more easier for you. It takes no time to set a plan but it takes more time to build up courage for an effective results. So, courage is needed while trying to deal with the person that wants to destroy you.

3) Minimize your level of communication with the person.

This is very necessary, especially when trying to deal with someone. If you are communicating so well with someone who wants to destroy you, it will give you hard time to deal with them. You may even expose or make your motives known to him or her without your notice. So, this is the reason why you have to minimize your communication with him or her to enable you play your game very well. Too much of closeness can ruin your plan, but little closeness will help achieve your goal.

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4) Identify his or her tricks.

This is very important, for it will give you an idea on how to go about it. If you are able to understand the tricks which your enemy has, you will notice that his or her tricks will no longer be effective on you, because you have observed it. Identifying his or her tricks includes, knowing the pattern he or she uses to get through you. Knowing exactly how they operate and their targets , then you will know how to strike them with their own tricks. Do not be blinded by their fake love, instead focus on monitoring their pattern of operation without their notice.

How To Deal With Someone Who Wants To Destroy You

5) Turn the table around.

Since you are able to identify his or her strikes, it will then be easier for you to turn the table around them with that same strike they set. You have to make sure that their plans fall on them and make sure not to let them smell what is about to fall on them so that he or she will not have any means of changing the story. Let them have hope that what he or she plans is intact till the last minute, then you hit. Your work should be clean and confirm since you are able to understand how they operate and who the person is, and also his colleague, if there is any.

6) Make it secret.

Do not expose your plans to anyone unless you are able to give the full details account of the person you are sharing it with. The reason is that, you may let it open and he or she may come to apologise which you will eventually agree. By then he or she may have to set a plan with another person you may not even smell of destroying you. That is the reason it has to be a secret so that you will achieve your goal.

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7) Try to play along, but be careful.

Play along with him or her in such a way that he or she will not notice that you have understood what was going on. This should be done with carefulness, no errors. Let the person see it as if you aren’t aware of anything, so that he or she will feel relax while you strike.

8) Gradually cut all ties.

Gradually cut all ties with the person that wants to destroy you. The reason I said gradually is because, if you ended it immediately, the person will understand that you have gotten an idea and he or she may have another option. And it will not be as if you are dealing with the person. To deal with him or her, you should take it gradually so that he or she will be wondering what is going on. It will also disturb him or her just as it’s disturbing you.

9) Be happy infront of them.

Happiness kills the heart of wicked ones. So when you are happy infront of the people who wants to destroy you, it will automatically destroy them gradually. The reason is because, they will be confused on how come you are happy after all their efforts in destroying you. It will even make them enermies between them and their colleague or mind. So do not show them that you are unhappy, instead show them how happy you are without them in your life, it kills them in all angle.

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  1. What if the person who wants to destroy your life is too much of a coward to confront you? Does that mean you should laugh at them because it shows that they come from a cowardly blood line that has no guts or fortitude to face you? It shows who they really are and perhaps they should lay it down and give up especially when I’ve already faced all my demons but THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO DESTROY MY LIFE AND SORRY THAT THEY ARE MISERABLE AND ILL PRAY TO GOD THAT THEY FOCUS ON THEIR OWN DEMONS.

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