How To Control Your Libido

First of all what is libido? Libido simply means sexual urges or drives. It’s a normal phenomenon but lack of it’s control is a big problem. Some consequences of are rape, sexual harassment and lots more. All this happens when you can’t control your libido. In this article I’ll be giving some tips on how to control your libido.

How To Control Your Libido

How To Control Your Libido

Take Less Hard Drugs

Hard drugs is the number one cause of the problem. When hard drugs like cocaine, Indian hemp and the rest are taken, it greatly increases one’s sexual urges. And if care isn’t taken, leads to all sort of havoc.

Avoid Excess Alcohol

Just like hard drugs, alcohol is another problem. Many people believe when they are depressed all they need to do is grab bottles of alcohol and blow away their problems. Well that’s not the problem. The problem is how does it affect your libido after taking it. If you are the type that suddenly feels sexually driven crazy after taking excess alcohol then you need to stop with immediate effect.

Include Fruits and Vegetables In Your Daily Meals

Veggies plays a great role in calming down your libido. Although most people don’t like vegetables, but it’s really helpful. Vegetables and fruits relax the nerves, renew dead cell and keeps you active as well as calming down your libido. A specific vegetable recommended for calming the libido is bitter-leaf. Bitter right? It’s effects are one of the sweetest.

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Avoid Watching Pornography

Pornography is also a major problem. Some people can’t go a day without watching pornography which is sad. It only builds your sexual urge. When such happens and there is no one to calm you down, it may result into sexual harassment.

Be Discipline

Above all be very disciplined. If you want to effectively know how to control your libido, you must be disciplined. It’s not all things your body requires should be given. With this the problem should be solved.