How to be Happy in Life how to make yourself happy

How to be Happy in Life With Actions To Take

How to be Happy in Life And how to make yourself happy

“How to be Happy in Life” In other for you to be happy in life, there are things you need to release in order to be happy. So I will explain the things to you so that you will know them and practice them. so without wasting much of your time let me go down to the point.

  1. Your Thought

In other to do this you will begin by identifying the spiritual elbow. This is the same thing with fear, by this I mean all your thought that are not love, should be release. Your loving perception will feel expansions, inspired and free. And your fearful perceptions will feel tight, stuck and doubt, judgment and lack is at the fore front, So you should choose love over fear.

How to be Happy in Life how to make yourself happy

  1. Your Believes

Your believe is also your thought that have come in over and over, until it have form into your believe. Because what you believe in, is what you can create. So do you believe in a nightmare or a happy dream? Identify limiting beliefs and try to commit in releasing them, moment to moment.


How to be Happy in Life how to make yourself happy
How to be Happy in Life how to make yourself happy



  1. Your Emotion

Your feeling is healing as you allow your emotion to surface and release. You will clear emotion patterns from your bodies that are energetically blocking you from happiness and abundance. Energy is always trying to flow to us in the form of new relationships, creative and financial opportunities, and even good health. However is up to us human to open the path ways.

  1. Your Actions

The actions we do is also directly affect our well being. Whenever we pay attentions to those things which lower or drain our energy, we can let them go, even if it meant no make sense on a logically level. So is important to listen to our inner guide and body because it knows the best for us.

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How to be Happy in Life how to make yourself happy”


  1. Our Patterns

 The unconscious activities or behaviors is also cooperating from that same place of the elbow. And not in our inner guide that will require us to be present and conscious to align with it. To create the awareness of the behaviors that will also create self sabotage and will also cause you suffering, and have the wiliness to let all these go. So that this will allow them to fall away naturally.




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