How to be good

Being good has to do with so many things that you have to get involved in, so that people around you will be happy with you and also to be happy within you too. “How to be good”

Being a good person has so many ways in which you can achieve that, so relax, read and understand what we will be writing on it today.

How to be good

1. Determine what being a good person means to you personally.

First you have to determine within you whether you want to be good or not, and if being good will be important to your personality. Determination they say, is the key to success. If you are not determined to be good you cannot achieve it even if you try. But when you are determined to be good no matter what, you will definitely achieve your goals.

“How to be good”

2. Choose a role model

In your area or around you, there must be someone that may impress you so much, someone that you may like his or her way of life. His or her good attitude. Choose a role model that you can be looking up to. Someone that will make it encourage your determination too. If you are able to pick someone, you can see that you will be easily motivated.

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3. Stop comparing yourself to others.

To be good, you have to understand that life is not a competition. You should not compare yourself to others, you are to understand that in life, that there are some people who are above you and those that you are above. So everything have stages, instead of having jealousy on them, why not seek for their guidelines and advice so that you can get to where they are.

“How to be good”

4. Love yourself

Developing self love on yourself is very important if you want to be good. If you don’t love yourself then you can’t do so to other people, so try to value and love yourself, for it will help you to be good and treat others well.

5. Pray and meditate

Praying or meditating will guide you to understand the things of life, it will help you to understand the good and bad things you have done. Understanding this will help you know when you hurt someone and when you are doing good to someone. If you want to guide your mind well, you just need to have time to meditate within yourself for you to know the right way to follow.

6. Let go of Anger

Anger can make you cause a lot of problems and damage in your life. If you want to be good you have to try your best to control anger and the things that you do, for doing so will make you not to act too fast but to always think we’ll before doing anything.

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“How to be good”

7. Listen to other people’s opinion.

Listening to other people’s opinion is good but not on the bad ones, listen to the good advice they give you. If you are trying to be a good person you need to listen to people especially the reason behind there actions and not be too quick to judge.

8. Be respectful

Respect is another important thing to do if you are trying to be good. Try to understand that every individual deserves to be respected no matter how small the person is or how poor the person might be. So try to give everyone the respect that he or she deserves.

9. Self control

Having self control is another important thing you need in your life. If you are trying to be good you need to have a self control and don’t be too quick to act, especially when you see or hear about something.

“How to be good”

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