How to be a good man

How to be a good man
How to be a good man

To be a good man, there are certain things that you need to do so that you can achieve your goals of being a good man. So if you want to know the ways in which someone can be a good man or ways you can be a good man yourself, keep calm for we ate here to help you on that. “How to be a good man”

Below are the tips you can be a good man.


How to be a good man


  1. Be a man of integrity.

Be a man of your own, a man who can address people as a normal human being, a man who is willing to be the best of his kind for the betterment of everyone. A man who is not selfish on things and also a man who is willing to put his efforts in achieving his goals.


  1. Be an understanding man.

Be a man who understands other people, a man who understands that things are not meant to remain as he wishes for ever, be a man who understands people’s thought and will be willing to give them chance to explain themselves. Be a man who also understands that loving other people will also add happiest to him and his soul, be a man who understands that maturity is not by age but by the wisdom that you possess. Be a man who understands that is possible for someone to make mistakes and it’s possible for someone to forgive too. Be a man who understands that in life, everyone is equal in the eyes of the Lord.

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  1. Be a man who listens to other people.

To be a good man, you shall make sure that you are a good listener. Be someone that other people can rely on. Be ready to accept what people have to share with you, and render your advice if you have any or support if you can. Give ear to your people around you and understand that everyone needs to be given the opportunity to speak and share their own opinion. Do not always assume that your own opinion is always the best to use instead of giving others the chance to give their own point of view.

“How to be a good man”

  1. Be a truthful man.

Be a man that people can be able to trust in everything they do. Be a man of his own words, do not lie just to achieve your aim and betray others in the process. Be a trustworthy man, a man that can be defended without any double mind. Be a man who can stand by the truth no matter what and the truth alone without any selfish interest. Be a man who doesn’t depend on what benefits he can get on something before administering his truthful words to something. Always stand by the truth and the truth alone.


  1. Be a man who doesn’t involve himself in any illegal act.

Be of a good person, do not be associated to any awful act around or anywhere at all. Be a well respectable man with good morals. Abstain yourself from any criminal act at all no matter how much it will benefit you, for the fact that the actions is bad, find a way to stay away from any bad act or anything that can bring you shame tomorrow. Work your ways towards the good ones and a well respectable manner.

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  1. Be friendly.

Do not be that type of man, that finds it hard to take other people as his fellow human being. Do not always be too mean to people around you. Share some moment if happiness with them be a free man that people can share their feelings with. Not that you won’t have a moment of your own as a man, but just that you should not make it too hard on people, do not transfer your bad mood to the people around, try to have self control.

“How to be a good man”

  1. Give support to others.

Even though you don’t have money, there are certain things that you need to give to others that will make them feel the happiness of being in the world. Work hard to contribute to other people’s happiness. If you can support financially, or through your advice or even guiding the person till he or she achieve goals, even at that you can show the person a better way in life but not the way that will lead to the persons downfall. Do not take it that you experienced it in your own path and make other people to fall too. At least, tell them the place that you made mistake so that they can take caution on their works. Support as much as you can and be wise in doing that.


  1. Be ready to accept your mistakes.

Do not think that by being a man, you can’t make mistakes, understand that men also make mistakes. So be ready to accept your mistakes when they are made, instead of defending yourself and finding someone to blame on your own mistakes. Learn to say am sorry for the mistake you have committed. Do not always claim to be right even when you are wrong. Do not pretend that nothing had happened when a lot if thing has gone wrong. Admit your errors and correct it.

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  1. Learn to forgive.

Forgiveness is very nice, so do not detain anger in your heart. Forgive others so that you will be forgiven too. To ere is human and to forgive is divine. So forgot others so that you can be forgiven too.


  1. Be appreciative.

Appreciate people’s work no matter how little it may be so that they will be willing to do more, and don’t do that with a selfish mind. Appreciate the people around you, do not be too arrogant on them. Remove pride and make others happy the way you want to get happy. Nothing in life is little because if you are to do that, your time to will be spent. So the little effort that people may give to you, value them for they are not easy. Time is the best thing that someone can offer you, so if any person offers you that time, try appreciating them for no time is a waste. Understand that they did it for the love they have for you.


Above things are the ways to be a good a good man. So if you are still confused on the things listed here, you can still visit our forum, [email protected], we will also be there to guide you more.


“How to be a good man”

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