How To Be a Good Lover

To be a good lover, there are things that you need to do, so that you can become a good lover. “how to be a good lover”


Those things includes –

How to be a good lover

Be a good listener.

Being a good listener means that you should be available anytime your partner needs your attention. You should always listen to her complaint, and you should never gets tired of giving him or her a listening ear.


Endurance is very important for someone who want to be a good lover, because there are somethings that your partner may do that will provoke you but if you can endure, you will see that there are certain things that needs to be tackling maturely. Endurance in a relationship is the key to a lasting relationship and it’s proves that you are a good lover. “how to be a good lover”


To be a good lover you must be an understanding woman or man. If you don’t understand his or her situation who then will you understand? For the fact that you two is there together, you must develop the spirit of understanding so that your being a good lover will be real.


A good lover should be friendly at all time, you should be an easy going person, a chearful and caring person who will always be there for the other. A relationship that is not worth to be happy in, is not staying. You are supposed to be playing along with your partner. Life is not meant to be a help it is meant to be loved and grow happily provided that you give room to it by being friendly with your partner.

Frequent Communication.

Your level of communication matters in your relationship and it also contribute to the attribute of a good lover. You should communicate with him or her regularly, check up on your partner, call, text or chat up with him or her, for that will guide you in being a good lover. Communication is very important for it connects two heart’s together. Without communication, your efforts of being a good lover will never stand strong. “how to be a good lover”

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Show concern.

This one doesn’t only mean that it must be financially concern. Even if you don’t have money, your effort to support helps a lot. Show concern towards his or her problems or troubles. Be happy when he or she is happy, be sad when he is sad too. Share his or her every mood so that it will be easier for you to understand his or her thoughts and feelings in life. Be someone he or she can rely on. Don’t always be busy all the time, a little time you spent with him or her means a lot in that relationship.


This one doesn’t mean that everything must be sexual. You should at least improve your level of closeness. Be romantic at times. Make use of the arms that God has given you. Hug him or her to calm him down for his or her worries. Sometimes, warmly hug can cheer one up from a bad mood. A kiss on the cheek or forehead can go a long way in his or her heart. A romantic intimacy is very important and it will improve your lever of being a good lover to her or him.

These are the ways by which you can be a good lover, drop your comments if you have any.
Thanks. “how to be a good lover”

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