Being a good kisser is never hard so don’t be troubled, it is not hard to practice and I will teach you how to do that, all you just need to do is to read carefully and understand me. So now let me tell you the things about how to kiss, for you to understand better. “How to be a good kisser”


How to be a good kisser


  1. Be confident about it and remove fear. If you are confident on yourself, only then will you be able to get it right. So stop thinking it’s hard, or that you can’t do it while you can. Sometimes you may think that you are that bad without knowing that it’s the fear in you that caused it to look that way. So removal of fear will make you to concentrate on the emotional feeling that comes with the kiss.


  1. Kissing did not just end on the lips. Make use of your tongue because kissing goes beyond lips. So don’t be that terrible to your partner by kissing only on lips. Move beyond that and use your tongue, so that you will make it more admirable by your partner.

“How to be a good kisser”

  1. Move with your partner. Don’t just do on your own, allow your partner to take control at times and then move along with him or her.


  1. Hold and romance your partner gently on the back as you kiss with your partner. Without doing so both of you might lose interest or that mode. But when you add romance, you two will be seduced and when that happens, you will enjoy and last longer during kissing.
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Now you see kissing is not something that is difficult for you or anyone. It’s not something you need special skills or that requires special training, but it’s something that you can do with free mind and all you need to do as you kiss is to hold and move along with your partner. Don’t be dumb by kissing only with your lips, but instead show your expertise by going beyond that and making use of your tongue.


Over to you, tell us your mind and suggestions about this, for others to learn and understand more about it. You can do that through our comment section but for any questions please visit our forum.

“How to be a good kisser”


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