How to be a good girl

How to be a good girl
How to be a good girl

Are you disturbed on how you can be a good girl to your parents and to people? Is it always troubling you on how to prove that you are a good child? Well my dear be happy if it is the reason why you visited this website today. For I will show you what you need to do about it. “How to be a good girl”


How to be a good girl


  1. Show your respect.

As a good daughter you have to always show it to your parents and people around you. If you are seen as a good girl you will be respected.


  1. Listen to good advice.

Listening to advise is very good of you. Especially to the good ones, pay attention to your elders or to the people who are above you. If you start from today to live and behave like that to people, you will be favored and loved by people.


  1. Obey your parents.

You have to obey your parents no matter what, don’t try to insult or talk back at them. Don’t be known as a girl that speaks to his parents anyhow without minding if she is insulting them. Stop it if you are doing so for it is not good and remember it’s reciprocal.

“How to be a good girl”

  1. Don’t curse or insult people.

No matter what happens or how big you think you have grown. Try not to curse or insult people. Any girl who insult and talk to people anyhow is not seen as a good girl, but instead she is seen as an unmanned girl, with a terrible character.


  1. Be truthful and honest.

Lying has never been good, if you want to be seen as a well behaved girl, you need to be known and seen as a truthful and honest person. You need to be known as a girl that stands and speak only the truth without lying. Doing so will make you to be that good person you have ever wanted.

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  1. Don’t be lazy.

Help out in house work and don’t be known as that lazy girl who always runs from work. But instead, do things well and help your parents out when they need your help. If you are doing so, you will see how happy your parents will be with you.


  1. Dress decently.

Wearing a decent and simple dress is a sign that you are a good girl, and also comes from a responsible family. If you don’t know, then it’s better for you to know it now because the kind of dress you put on speaks a lot about your background in the eyes of people.

“How to be a good girl”

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