How Many Oreos Are In A Pack?

Do you love cookies? Are Oreos your favorite? Do you want to know exactly how many Oreos you can eat in one pack? Continue reading to learn more!

Oreos have a classic taste that will never go out of style. The biscuits taste delicious dipped into milk, coffee, tea or any other beverage. You can use them to flavour desserts and shakes or eat them on their own.

You may be shocked to learn that the number of Oreos per pack varies depending on where you live.

This brings up the question, How many Oreos are in a package? Let’s find it out!


In 1912, the National Biscuit Company (now known as Nabisco) created and produced the first “Oreo Biscuit”, at its factory located in Chelsea, New York City.

Chelsea Market is located on Ninth Avenue, between 15th Street and 16th Street.

The same Ninth Avenue is now called “Oreo Way.”

They registered “Oreo”, as a trademark, on March 14, 1912.

The original Hydrox biscuit, made by the Sunshine Company in 1908, was a copycat.

Oreos are much more popular than Hydrox. Many people even believe that Hydrox is a copy of Oreos.

Oreo cookies are the best-selling cookies in the United States and around the world.

How many Oreos come in a pack?

Oreos can vary in quantity depending on the size of the pack. The larger packs contain more cookies and vice versa.

Oreos come in many varieties. The number of Oreos per pack will depend on the variety.

Single Roll

1. Single Roll

Oreo packs that are family-size, party-size, or other sizes are not typical. They do not have any labelling on them other than Oreos.

Oreo cookies are commonly referred to as “single rolls.”

They are the original recipe. The cookies should be arranged in 12 rows.

Oreos are available in a 36-cookie package.

The maximum number of cookies that can be included in a family-size package is 48.

This number can change depending on where you purchased them.

Double Stuf Oreos

2. Double Stuf Oreos

Oreo chocolate double-stuff sandwich cookies have been America’s favourite cookie for more than a hundred years.

The Oreo cream is doubled in these chocolate sandwich cookies, making them incredibly delicious.

It’s a great idea to serve Double Stuf Oreo Cookies with a cold glass of milk or share them with your friends at a gathering.

You can also find delicious sweets for your office, school, or home lunches.

The resealable bag keeps chocolate cookies fresh, making it ideal for travelling, sharing and eating.

Due to the larger size of Double-Stuffed Oreos, there are fewer in a package.

A Family Pack contains 10 cookies in a line. This means that there are 30 total cookies in the Family Pack.

The Party Size has more than just the party size.

The Party Size Pack contains 45 Double Stuf Oreos, 15 on each row.

Oreos Thins

3. Oreos Thins

Oreo cookies have a delicate, crisp and delicious twist.

This version of Oreo is crispier and more crunchy.

In a typical Oreos pack, there are 40 thin Oreos.

Amazon occasionally sells the boxed thin Oreos.

The boxed version contains 140 cookies and 35 packs of four.

Oreos Single-Serve

4. Oreos Single-Serve

Oreo Single-Serve Pack contains only six cookies.

If you are watching your weight you will need to divide the six cookies per pack into three snacks.

Oreos with Fudge Cover

5. Oreos with Fudge Cover

Oreo cookies are a chocolate lover’s delight.

Choose from milk chocolate, white chocolate or black chocolate in any size.

The cookie-cream sandwich is created by combining each chocolate bite with a cookie. This creates a new flavour that’s both familiar and unique.

If you decide to buy this snack, then it will contain 12 Fudge-Covered Oreos.

Why does the size and number of Oreos change?

Why does the size and number of Oreos change?

Most candy companies believe that reducing the size of their product will increase customer loyalty.

The cost of raw materials and production increases when the market is inflation.

The cost of making these products increases. There are few options left for the company.

You may choose to keep the same size and price of your product.

Oreo, however, has changed its product continuously since the 1970s. This includes reducing serving size or increasing prices.

The price of a pack that contains fewer items one year will skyrocket the next year when it’s replaced.

To determine the most effective approach to inflation, they may experiment with different approaches.

After attempting to do things a different way, they will compare their reports and statistics. They will also examine the sales data and feedback from consumers.

Ingredients used in making Oreos

Ingredients used in making Oreos

Oreos are made by Nabisco. The white filling is made with powdered sugar. The filling is made with granulated white sugar, vanilla flavour and additional water.

The following ingredients are also included:

1. Unbleached Enriched Flour

It is a refined sugar that the body can’t digest. It contains wheat, niacin (a vitamin), reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate (a vitamin), vitamin B2, folic acid, and niacin. It is mainly used to prolong the shelf life.

2. Cocoa

In cocoa processing, alkali is added to reduce bitterness and increase colour.

3. Vanilla Flavoring

It is preferred to vanilla because of its rich taste and lower cost.

4. High-fructose corn syrup

This sweetener is made of fructose, which results from the conversion of dextrose to corn syrup. It is not recommended to consume HFCS as it could be one of the components our bodies have the hardest time digesting.

5. Canola Oil or Palm Oil

These monounsaturated oils do not contain trans fats. These oils are often used in fried or baked foods and are far superior to saturated and trans fats.

6. Leavening

Like most baked goods, Oreos contain either baking soda or calcium phosphate.

Oreos in Different Varieties

Oreos come in many flavours, including:

Oreo Gold

1. Oreo Gold

The golden colour of the Oreo cookie gave it its name. The golden Oreo is a bit sweeter than the regular Oreo.

You can use golden Oreos to make a pie crust instead of graham crackers.

Oreo Icecream

2. Oreo Icecream

Oreo Ice Cream was first sold in Canada in 1986. It became available later in the US.

Nabisco has interests beyond cookies.

After selling Oreo cookies to ice cream shops across the country, the company discovered that consumers enjoy putting Oreos into their ice cream.

Nabisco has created Oreo Ice Cream to capitalize on the popularity of this popular way of eating the biscuit.

Oreo’s Ice Cream uses a vanilla base and Oreo cookie pieces to give it a unique taste.

The entire portfolio, starting with Oreo ice cream, is the star. It is available in both 48 oz. and 14 oz. sizes.

Oreo Cereals

3. Oreo Cereals

Post Cereals launched this cereal in 1997 after an Ogilvy & Mather NYC advertising professional created it.

In 2001, they introduced a new formula for cereals with a genuine cream filling.

The Extreme Creme Taste Oreo O’s are a variation of the cookie.

Oreo cereals bring breakfast fantasies to life. Oreo cookies and creamy creme were combined to make a crispy, chocolatey O-shaped snack.

This flavour combination will make you smile as you finish your bowl of cookie-milk.

Thin Oreos

4. Thin Oreos

Nabisco’s Thin Oreos were introduced in response to an opposing view, which called for fewer cookies and cream.

The wafers and cream are less, which makes it seem healthier.

Many people have also discovered that Thin Oreos are perfect for dipping into milk or coffee.

Oreo Holiday Variations

5. Holiday Variations

Nabisco started producing Halloween Oreos after it discovered it could add artificial colours to the cream.

Also, Christmas Oreos in red and green were introduced.

This type is a limited edition and therefore does not come in many sizes.

Oreos are being presented in a variety of ways, including slightly bigger and with new flavours and colours.

They are usually sold in packs of four or family packs.

Oreos in various colours have been popular over the years.

Some people buy personalized Oreos for special occasions, such as weddings and theme parties.

Nabisco also made the smart decision to only offer certain holiday flavours on those occasions.

The holidays are so rare that they make them even more enjoyable.

Mint Oreos

6. Mint Oreos

Oreo Mint Creme Chocolate Sandwich cookies have a delicious, modern twist. These mint chocolate cookies have a sweet cream in the middle that is a perfect mix of rich and cool.

This Oreo’s cocoa is sourced sustainably. Oreo has partnered with Cocoa Life to help in sourcing sustainable cocoa.

Visit the Cocoa Life Website to learn more.

Double Stuf

7. Double Stuf

The Double Stuf Oreo was introduced in 1974 and featured half the amount of creme filling.

Double Stuf Oreos are available in grocery stores around the globe, and their availability is comparable to the original variety.

When comparing the Original with the Double Stuf, you can see that it has a much more flavorful filling.

Many Oreo fans claim that the Double Stuf Oreo has a superior cookie due to the ratio of cream to cookie.

Cookies with a special edition “Double Stuf Oreo”, made for spring, Halloween and Christmas, are decorated in frosting colour according to the season (blues, oranges, reds, or greens).

Each cookie is decorated with a seasonal design on the back.

Oreos with images of Halloween Oreos, for example, include a ghost, a cat, a jack-o-lantern and swarms of bats.

Oreos with Fudge Cover

8. Oreos with Fudge Cover

This Oreo type is made entirely of chocolate, and it is coated in chocolate. This is a great treat for those who love chocolate.

This pack is about the same size as Oreo Double Stuf.

If you purchase the snack version it includes 12 Fudge-Covered Oreos.

The packaging makes it easy to transport.

Peanut Butter Oreos

9. Peanut Butter Oreos

Peanut butter Oreos are a classic chocolate sandwich cookie, but the cream filling is replaced with delicious peanut butter.

The connection may be appropriate, as the peanut butter reminds us of the Nutter Butter filling.

It is easy to find the peanut butter version online, even though it may be more difficult to find in shops.

Why are Oreos called Oreos?

Oreo Biscuit is the original name of the biscuit, which was produced in 1912. Oreo Sandwich was the original name of the biscuit when it was first produced in 1912.

Oreo Creme Sandwich was the original name of the cookie, but it was changed to Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1974.

The cookie is often referred to as “Oreo”, despite the official name changes.

What is the origin of the name Oreo? Many people don’t know.

Some claim the name Oreo was derived from the French word or, which means gold. (The main colour of early Oreo packaging).

Some people think the name “Oreo” was given to this cookie because of its hill-like shape.

Some people still believe that the name is “o-re o”, which is made by sandwiching “re” in “cream” with the two o shapes in “chocolate.”

Some people still claim that Oreo was named because it is short and easy to pronounce.

Oreos have been sold more than 362 billion times in the past century, making them one of the most popular cookies.

Which Oreo Is Healthier?

Many cookie lovers are attracted to Oreos thins when they’re looking for a healthier snack.

The thin Oreos may not be the healthiest of all Oreo varieties. The Peanut Butter Oreo is the healthiest.

It contains fewer calories, sugar and saturated fats compared to other foods. It does contain more salt than other Oreos.

How To Store Oreos For A Long Time

For best results, keep Oreos at room temperature. Keep them in a dry room, such as the pantry.

Keep the cookies away from heat sources. After opening the Oreos package, you should carefully seal any remaining cookies in an airtight container.

Oreos that have not been opened don’t need to be stored differently than other chocolates and jelly beans.

When you open the bag of cookies, they are exposed to air, and will quickly go bad in comparison to the original pack.

If you plan to keep them for more than a couple of days, it is best to store any Oreos leftovers in an airtight bag.

If you do not have a resealable plastic bag, it is best to use bag clips.

Oreos will crumble if you use a standard plastic bag.

Choose a location that is dark, dry, and cold.

Final Thought

We hope that you have cleared up any confusion regarding the number of Oreos in a package and made the right choice.

You can choose to either limit the calories you consume or store them in a separate pack for future use.