How Is Lil Nas X Pregnant

Lil Nas X has fake pregnancy photos for a photoshoot. (Twitter)

Lil Nas X continues to perform his bit for the LGBT community by raising $5000 (PS380,000) for organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS.

For those who aren’t familiar with the rapper’s elaborate pregnancy campaign for the release of his debut album, Montero.

It’s now been confirmed that the “baby registry” for the project has been confirmed, for the project has seen supporters donate nearly one million dollars that will be split among 16 organizations.

Most organizations are part of the Gilead COMPASS Initiative, an initiative of Gilead Sciences working to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic sweeping across the Southern United States.

More than 175,000 were helped in gaining access to healthcare of the highest quality by these organizations, and 13,000 have been made HIV/AIDS advocates and leaders throughout the south of the US by utilizing them.

In announcing the accomplishment, Lil Nas X stated: “Communities all across the south, including my Georgia home-state of Georgia, are transformed through the work of the COMPASS grantees.

“The Montero baby registry was established to provide resources to small-scale groups that are serving those who are the least vulnerable. The money raised will be distributed to those suffering from HIV and help to inspire the next generation of leaders that will continue to push for HIV education and , eventually maybe a cure.”

Ian L. Haddock, the Normal Anomaly‘s director of operations, added: “Lil Nas X has enabled our organization to imagine big.

“Through these funds, we are not only able to establish an inclusive space for communities to celebrate entrepreneurship, but also perform queer musicians as the main performers at an event and we’re also able to keep raising money by ticket sales to fund essential programming like our burial fund for community members as well as transgender-specific services and programs that directly benefit people affected with HIV.”

The complete list of Lil NasX’s registry is accessible here, along with the links to donate to each.