To know a man love you is not that hard but not also that easy, all you need to do is to be careful with a man, because men are not that which you may think or expect to be. So let me just go straight to the things you need to see in man and know that he loves you. “How Do You Know a Man Love You”


How do you know a man love you?


  1. He will always check on you.

One thing you need to know about a guy that loves you, is that he will always to call you and see if things are okay with you. Also by checking on you I don’t mean calling you only when he want to meet with you, but I mean squeezing out time to call you.


  1. He will spoil you with gifts.

A guy who loves you will always express his love with gifts, because he thinks that it will make you happy. That is why at times ladies are advice to be careful when a man starts buying things for you, because it simply means that he loves and care about you and expect you to do the same to him too.

“How Do You Know a Man Love You”

  1. He invites you to date.

A guy who loves you will also like to make out time to spend with you alone on a date, because he thinks it will draw the attention to you and signal you about his love. Sometimes men use that time of date to explain their feelings to a girl either directly or indirectly.

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  1. He will be short of words when with you.

Whenever you too are together you will notice that he will be short of words, and a little bit shy when talking with you. If his actions are too casual and normal when meeting with you, make sure you slow down with him and be careful. So at times when you are with a guy that you feel he loves you, just take your time to monitor how his actions are when with you.

“How Do You Know a Man Love You”

  1. He will visit you or invite you to his house.

A guy who loves you will mostly love to visit you, some will invite you to their house, but when you refuse and they think is because you feel insecure and will surely visit you, because they will love to see your face no matter what.


  1. He will tell you.

Some guys will tell you if they are in love. But you need to be very careful, because most guys who tell you boldly that they love you are likely to be a cheat or a player who will use you and dump you, after some times, so be careful.


There are many ways to know a guy love you, but will stop here for now. But if you think there is another thing we need to know, then I think you should let us know from the comment box so that others too can learn from it.

“How Do You Know a Man Love You”

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