How do you forgive and let go

I understand that it’s hard for you? I understand it’s very painful and how hurt you feel, but you must always try to forgive and let go of it all. Now the question is, how do you do that? Anyway it’s hard like I said but there are still ways for you to do that.


How do you forgive and let go?


  1. Decide fully that you want to let go.

You have to convince yourself and your heart that you really need to forgive. Tell your mind that is the best thing for you to do for you to be free from it. Without you forgiving the person who hurt you, there is no way that you can be free but instead you will continue to be in bondage, as you think about it, so you have to let go.



  1. Tell your mind that nobody is perfect.

Yes you really need to understand that nobody in this life is perfect except God who created us all. So think about you, because even, you have hurt someone in one way or the other. So you need to forgive because those you offended also forgave you. Even if you think you have not hurt or offended someone before, what of tomorrow, you never know what will happen, so you see that is why we are human, you must try to forgive.


  1. Tell your mind that we live this life moving forward and not backward.

There won’t be any forgiveness, so you see if you don’t forgive it won’t be complete. You need to tell your mind this and also think of it, this is the main reason why you will still be in bondage if you don’t forgive.

One thing I have learned from this world is this, anything that comes around, also goes around. If you forgive the one who hurt you, then you will be free from the act and but the one who hurt you will face the consequences one day, because that is karma for you. But if you don’t forgive you will fall the victim of similar issue one day in life. And I know you won’t like to go through such issue that is the main reason for you now to forgive and let go.


  1. Understand that the person is truly sorry.

If someone offends you and asks for forgiveness, please try to understand that it’s not easy for someone to hurt you and know that he or she also hurt you and also have the courage to beg you for forgiveness. So try to understand and pity that person so as to also set yourself free and forgive him or her please.


I know how hard it is for you right now to understand it all. But try to understand that nobody in this life is perfect. And say YES to that part of your heart that asks you to forgive without thinking and remembering how painful it is. Just do it for it is the right thing for you to do. Thanks