How Do You Fix A Struggling Marriage?

How Do You Fix A Struggling Marriage?
How Do You Fix A Struggling Marriage?

How Do You Fix A Struggling Marriage?


In struggling marriage only few things are just needed to be in place which is.


  1. Love is needed. Both partners must learn to love one another just as they use to do before.


  1. Both partners must learn to understand one another at all cost.


  1. There is need to put rules and live on them no matter what.


  1. You two must try to know each other weakness and try as much as you can to cover it.


  1. Learn to know the formula of your marriage and live by it.


  1. Do not involve third party even your parents in your marriage issues.


  1. Learn the DO and DON'TS of each other to avoid any of you doing the things the other hate.


  1. Make each other your priority before any other things you do.


  1. Ask about your partner decision before doing anything.


  1. Support each other on any problem. Take each other problem as one problem for the family.
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