I truly understand your pain of asking about it. And how to hurt you are, because the one person you love and care about don’t show any sign of love to you anymore. Don’t worry about that okay that is why you have us here at Be Wise professor. Because we will give you the best advice, on things to do that will make him realize that he made a mistake, to stop loving you. “How do you deal with your boyfriend that doesn’t love you anymore?”


How Do You Deal With Your Boyfriend That Doesn’t Love You Anymore?


First, make sure that you don’t call him anymore or visit him.

Then don’t ever try to make a mistake of dating any of his friends.

Is time to change your dressing to look more gorgeous.

Change your style of makeup to the best.

Always put on a smile on your face and try not to show signs that you are hurt.

Make to join in doing great things that can make your name to be heard by all.

When hanging out with a guy, try to hang out or date someone who is by far better than him not in money only but in ideas and love. “How do you deal with your boyfriend that doesn’t love you anymore?”

Talk to him freely whenever you see him as if nothing is wrong at all. Even if he asks tell him nothing is wrong and stick to it.

Send him your invitation card if you are getting married. Try to even go with your husband to be to his house if possible.

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Remember in all you do, don’t show him that you are doing it for him to feel hurt, but do it in a way that he will be thinking if is truly you.

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Guys hate it seeing you with another guy even if he is your ex, so do all this free without making him notice you are doing it to him. And I promise you that he will always feel hurt, whenever you see him.

“How do you deal with your boyfriend that doesn’t love you anymore?”

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