How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?

How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?
How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?

It’s not a must that you will continue with a relationship that you are not happy with, or a relationship that you are no longer interested in. But it’s necessary to break up with your boyfriend in a polite way, so that nobody will get hurt. There are ways in which you can break up with your boyfriend politely. “How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?”


How you can politely break up with your boyfriend.


If you are in a relationship with an opposite sex and you want to break up with that person without hurting him, just find out how much the person loves you, if he loves you as much as he said, kindly do these things so that he won’t get hurt

Do not tell him that you want to break up with him. Just be withdrawing yourself from him gradually. Withdrawing yourself gradually will make him not to feel that you are leaving him, he may be thinking that maybe, you have less time or that you are occupied with some normal duties.

Again, if you keep on withdrawing yourself from him, by not doing everything he wants you to do, or you stop seeing him, you will less the your level of intimacy gradually, doing that will not make him realize that something is about to happen.


Withdraw communication

Your level of communicating with him should be minimized, if he calls you, do not pick , and if you pick up do not respond as you used to do before, respond as of you are very busy and tell him that you will call him later. Am not saying that you should stop calling him or you stop picking his calls, am saying that you should minimize your level of communication, lessen hand in calling him , if you finally call, do not forget not to last long in that call. Communication is the only connection to a relationship, once communication is shorten, the relationship will start collapsing.

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“How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?”

Do not insult him.

Some girls have formed the habit of insulting their boyfriend just because they want to break up with him or maybe because she feels that she’s fed up with that relationship. Never you be among those girls, don’t insult him for any reason, just be as respectful you are to him before, so that he will not find the reason to be happy when you must have left. Your character will always make him misses you any time he is with another person, he will always missed you. But if you start insulting him, he may even be the one to dump you even before you may finish your actions, and he will then do it in a manner that you cannot bear.


Do not let him sleep with you again.

Make him feel hunger of you, seize you emotions no matter what, don’t sleep with him, because if you do, he might end up not missing you when you u will leave. If he feels hunger of you, he will continuously be wishing that you are still together.


After you must have carried out all these, you will see that he will start getting tired of you, and that actions of yours will definitely give another girl chance to come closer to him, and that will make him be distracted from you, and before he may correct it you are gone, and within him, he may think that he is the person that caused your break up and he may not feel hurt that you left , instead he be missing your absence, and he will always be happy whenever he remembers your memories with him.

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“How Do I Politely Break Up With My Boyfriend?”

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