How Can I Seduce A Man?

If you are here looking to learn what will make you sexually attracted to someone. Maybe your boyfriend, husband or fiancee or even someone that you want to have in bed or you want to love you then know that there is few things in your in life that you will change in other for you to draw attention of the person to you. So without saying much words or headings I will just go straight to the points so that you can have your answers quickly. But don’t be in a rush to leave just read meaning out of the words so that you will not end up disgracing yourself or devalue yourself just to draw someone close to you. “How can i seduce a man?”


Here are tips on to answer your question “How can I subconsciously seduce my man?”


  1. The dress you put on.

This is the most important thing you need to consider when drawing someone attention. Because if you don’t dress to look sexy in eyes of the person you want to seduce then there is no point asking this. Because men are moved by what they see and that which they see is what interests them. So wear hot dresses that can seduce him.


  1. Make your laps look attractive.

While looking for dress to wear try to consider dressing that will make him see your laps especially when you are with him because those dressing draw the attention of men a lot.Remember don’t show your laps without making it look attractive. Try to apply creams or oils that will make it look sweet and shiny when he looks at you, so that it will attract him towards you.


  1. Your intonation when talking with him/ Use bedroom voice.

You may not know that the way you speak as a woman can easily seduce your man, so when trying to seduce a man or draw the attention of a man, try to use a melting voice because doing so can easily seduce him.


  1. Your posture

The way you sit or comport yourself matters a lot on this. Because if you learn to comport yourself in a seductive way that can easily draw his attention, when he looks at you without you doing anything or struggling to seduce him.

“How can i seduce a man?”

  1. The way you walk.

The way you walk is part of things that can attract a man easily. So don’t think that you’re walking steps don’t matter in this, because it matters a lot in the world of seduction especially when it have something to do with men.



Practicing all this I mentioned in this article will help you attract your man no matter what because they are the things I know that work best in terms of attracting men or seducing a man.

So do them and see the magic. But if you still have something you think that am missing then try to let me know in the comment box so that others can also learn about it too.

“How can i seduce a man?”